We Are The In Crowd: “Best Intentions” (Album) Review

Unlike other bands, We Are the In Crowd are able to switch from irony to emotion and to crowd pleasing songs throughout the album. Since 2011, WATIC have not taken time off from releasing their debut EP, ‘Guaranteed to Disagree’ and played at Warped Tour 2010 and 2012. Having toured with the likes of All Time Low, Mayday Parade and The Wonder Years has enabled them to gain a wider audience.

“On Your Own” and “This isn’t goodbye, it’s BRB” showcase the amazing vocals of Taylor Jardine with the combination of the vocals of Jordan Eckes (Guitarist). This song especially tells a little bit of Tay’s personal feelings about being on tour is sung in this 3:24 track. As strong as they are together, if they were to sing solo, it would be as incredible as it is now. With this collaboration, this serves the band very well, giving them one of the best albums of 2011.

The instrumental throughout the whole album is exceptional but especially in “Rumor Mill”. Rob Chianelli keeps the melody of the softer track “All or Nothing” as the instrumental works its way around the vocals and compliment it really well.

“Exits and Entrances” starts off softly before going into what I think is one if the best songs off the album. It is the incompatible structure of the song that really sets it apart from the songs on “Best Intentions” and the EP “Guaranteed to Disagree”.

Speaking if a roller-coaster if a band, “You’ve got it made” shows the hardship of the band within the year alone.

On the last but one track acoustic track “You’ve got it made”, Tay Jardine sings these lyrics “I can’t sleep in my bed anymore/ My home says so little now/ Everyone’s gone in mind/ And I paint myself in a corner…I’d love to be you/ So I don’t have to feel this way”. Like previous songs on the album, complicated personal moments continue to show throughout the record. The strain of being on the road all the time is sung throughout the “shame on you” track. “On Your Own”.


The band talk openly about how difficult their life had been after quitting jobs and school and leaving home to pursue a career in music. It is not surprising that “Best Intentions” is bursting with painful memories and an insight as they are always on the road.

Of course We Are the In Crowd are known for their catchy, poppy writing skills. Track 4, “Kiss Me Again” is  great example of this as the catchy chorus includes these lyrics “So kiss me again/ Underneath the moonlight/ You’re more than a friend… Oh/ I knew from the first time… yeah/ Hold me, feel my heart beat, Put your arms around me and kiss me again”. 

On the album, “Best Intentions”, there are songs that differ from others. As songs such as “Better Luck Next Time” start off heavier and then gradually is emotional and melodic which stems from the bands abrupt past, as a group and individually.

Taylor Jardine lets everthing loose on the final song “Better Luck Next Time”. When the album comes to an end, the speedy growth of the young band does not go unnoticed at all. Having been with Hopeless Records since 2009, We Are the In Crowd have gained a worthy place on the label and are well on their way to reaching the top of the rapid genre, at the same time having the best intentions to never stop moving forward.

We Are the In Crowd have gained a bigger fan base and have grown throughout the years as a band and individuals. With the ups and downs of the band’s past, this has resulted in “Best Intentions” being one albums that will be very hard to compete with but as they grow as a band, nothing can get in the way if these New York rockers.

Track Listing:

  1. Rumor Mill
  2. This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB
  3. The Worst Thing About Me
  4. Kiss Me Again
  5. On Your Own
  6. All Or Nothing
  7. Exits And Entrances
  8. See You Around
  9. You’ve Got It Made
  10. Better Luck Next Time

Recommended albums if you like “Best Intentions”:

Tonight Alive “What Are You Scared Off?”,  Mayday Parade “Mayday Parade” and All Time Low “Nothing Personal”.

Tracks to listen to: “Better Luck Next Time”, “Exits And Entrances” and “You’ve Got It Made”.


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