Concert Essentials

I love going to concerts! Once you attend your first show, there is no stopping you ha. Always on the look out for the latest tour announcements. The bag that I take everywhere with me is always full of the essentials I need for the day. But when it comes to concerts, that’s a whole different story. So whether any of you guys are going to any gigs this year or contemplating going to one, here is a handy guide for you guys as to what to take to a concert.

Concert Ticket

There is no gig without your ticket. This is probably the first thing you’d put in your bag just to be on the safe side. Definitely won’t be a great start to your concert experience without the ticket. Plus, after the show you can always keep it for memories/keepsake.

Fully Charged Phone

We all leave our house with our phone, even if it is to go to the corner shop but going to gigs is one place that your phone comes in handy. But is no use when it is low battery or dead! This happens either because you were using your phone to listen to music while queuing, left it on the whole night or took pictures/ videos. I suggest not using your phone to take record videos as it uses a lot of battery but instead take a camera or your iPod to do this. This way your parents won’t have a go at you for not charging your phone when you did.


Take a camera so you can take photos and also record some videos too. You want to remember the show to show friends/family, but in no way should you feel you need to record the WHOLE show as you’ll be missing out on what’s in front of you. Literally. Maybe just a few seconds of each/a few performances should do it.


“Why do I need money at a concert, I’ve already brought the ticket?”. So you can buy merch, if there is anything you have your eye on.  Preferably cash because not all merch stalls have card machines. A tour t-shirt is always best in my opinion. Sometimes the remaining merch from the tour is put up on their web store, but is not guaranteed.

Face wipes.

I haven’t done this before but this does seem like a good idea. Just a quick wipe of the face so you don’t look as sweaty from all the jumping and over the top “singing”. Plus you don’t want to look all shiny in photos do you? I know the feeling. I use the Primark Beauty 4 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes on a regular basis. They are not to wet and keeps your face refreshed and toned.

Small Bag

Preferably don’t take a backpack if you are standing. They restrict you from being able to enjoy yourself, it gets in the way of other people and because they are on your back, you don’t know if anyone tries to take anything from there; not saying that people at gigs all steal but it could happen. Ideally, a small side bag is perfect.

Lip Balm

Not for all but I use this everyday but at a concert more so. Using Lip Balms keep your lips smooth and feeling fresh. I use a lot of lip balms. But I especially like the ones that smell really nice.

Sharpie pen/ Book

If you do happen to meet your favourite band,  then you can always ask them for an autograph. A sharpie is the BEST to use if you want them to sign your shirt, shoe, book or face! Plus sometimes, the artists themselves may not have one on them so it’ll come in handy is there is one near by.

Ipod/ MP3 Player

I always use my phone to listen to music (probably why it is always low battery) but listening to music in the queue passes the time depending on how long you’re there for. But I rarely listen to music while queuing because my friends are there or I have someone to talk to.

Food/ Drink

This depends on how long you’re in the queue for. A few snacks are always handy to eat while you’re waiting. Remember, before the doors open for the show, security generally check bags to see if anyone has any food/drink. If so, they will not be permitted and will have to be discarded.



2 thoughts on “Concert Essentials

  1. Thanks for the follow! This is such a good post for new concert goers! I love bringing the face wipes with to venues with dirt ground otherwise you get dust all over your face…

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