What To Wear To A Concert

The way you dress to a concert depends on what type of concert you are going to. In this guide, I will be talking about what to wear to a rock concert.


I don’t get how people wear flats or heels to a rock show! You get your feet stomped on even when you’re wearing trainers and it still hurts so imagine how it must feel like wearing flats. It is just not comfortable! The picture below are the same Vans that I have an wear to shows. Vans are really comfortable to wear. Trainers are the ideal foot ware as you feel comfortable and you are able to enjoy yourself without moaning the whole night by saying “I wish I had worn Trainers”.


I don’t advise wearing skirts or dresses to a rock show.

If you do prefer to wear the above, then go for it. I prefer to wear jeans to shows as I feel more comfortable in then and you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans. The venue can get quite hot so sometimes wearing jeans is a pain but I tend to go to gig in the winter because that when some of my favourite bands tour.


Wearing a T-shirt depends on the weather really. I normally wear band t-shirts to gigs with a jacket on top in case I get really cold. I can always take it off if I gets too hot in the venue. Bring a jacket in case because if it turns out to be cold on the day of the show, then at least you have something to keep you warm. Any t-shirt is good, as long as it is not offensive or inappropriate.


Simple and Manageable. I don’t mean big hooped earring and long necklaces but studded earrings, a few bracelets and maybe a band wristband if you have one. I feel like it is better to be as comfortable as possible during a gig as you are bound to have more of a good time.



Go for an “Up- Do” so your hair is not in the way of others or yourself (as shown by a photo of Zoella).

I think it looks good if you turn a bandana into a headband. I think it looks really cool and stylish (as shown by a photo of Tay Jardine).



I don’t usually wear makeup, but for a concert, it should be simple, if any is a good idea. You don’t want the makeup to run down your face during the gig. It will be a complete mess and frankly a waste of time! This look by Zoella is a simple and a natural look for most occasions.



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