Tonight Alive- What Are You So Scared Of? Album Review

Tonight Alive are a 5 piece pop punk band from Australia who formed in 2008. The band consist of: Jenna McDougall (Vocals), Jake Hardy (Rhythm Guitar), Cameron Adler (Bass), Whakaio Taahi (Lead Guitar) and Matt Best (Drummer).

Over the last couple of years, Tonight Alive have managed to gain a huge fan base, with very loyal fans. What Are You Scared Of  consists of catchy riffs, some of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard and also crowd pleasing anthems. Since buying the album, I have had it on non stop.

Tonight Alive are one band that define the genre- pop punk. It is quite impressive how their EP All Shapes and Disguises sold around 20,000 copies independently, without a record label. This showed their determination, not only as teenagers but in becoming a band.

For any female fronted band to emerge into the music industry is “quite hard” as everyone feels the need to compare them to Paramore. I feel it is quite unfair as people tend to do this without having listened to them. I do not see any similarities in Paramore and Tonight Alive, other than they are both a female fronted band. If I was to compare TA with any band, it would have to be We Are the In Crowd as both bands are of the pop punk genre and their albums both consist of catchy songs.

“Thank You and Goodnight” features the vocals of Mark Hoppus from the pop punk band, Blink-182. I feel like was a really good collaboration as the producer who recorded What Are You So Scared Of had previously produced albums for Blink 182 (Mark Trombino).


“Amelia”. When I first listened to the album, this was one of the songs that stood out to me. It is a very emotional song as the lyrics are really meaningful as is the inspiration for this song.

“What Are You So Scared Of” is the title track of the album. Sometimes this song makes me look at life differently, “What are you so scared of, judgement’s not unfair, it’s what we’ve learned to see.” These are the lyrics for the chorus. This is one of my favourite songs on the album and reminds me to do what ever makes me happy and not to listen to negativity.

“Fake It” and “Breaking & Entering” are two songs on the album that are fast paced and the definition of pop punk. A lot of their popularity came from covering “Little Lion Man” by Mumford and Sons.

To be quite honest, most of the songs on the album sound similar, which I like. Tonight Alive know what genre of music they want to make therefore being consistent throughout. For the first full length album, I feel like the band should be congratulated for being such a strong band with a passion to put themselves out there in the music industry where some may say it is quite hard to appeal to a certain target audience; which they have done.

The deluxe album of W.A.Y.S.S.O consists of 4 acoustic versions including “Let It Land” and “Safe and Sound”. Whether acoustically or the studio version both versions sound as amazing as each other. Proving that you don’t have to be a band that has been around for a long time in order to gain a loyal fan base that will be there till the end and also developing the band’s career in music further.

“W.A.Y.S.S.O” is definitely one of the catchiest pop punk albums that I have heard. Normally, I am not able to put my finger on whether a band are of a specific genre or a hybrid. But Tonight Alive are a serious pop punk band that will continue to make more albums as enjoyable as “What Are You So Scared Of”.

Track List-

(1)- Eject, Eject, Eject  (2)- Breaking & Entering  (3)- Starlight  (4)- Sure As Hell  (5)- Let It Land  (6)- Fake It  (7)- Listening  (8)- Reasons To Sing  (9)- Safe & Sound  (10)- Thank You and Goodnight  (11)- Amelia  (12)- In The First Place  (13)- To Die For  (14)- What Are You So Scared Of?

Recommended if you liked “What Are You So Scared Of?”-  We Are The in Crowd “Best Intentions”, All Time Low “Nothing Personal” and Mayday Parade “Mayday Parade”.

Tracks to listen to- “Thank You and Goodnight”, “Let It Land” and “Listening”.


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