Showing their support for music

I for one can’t get enough of band merch, especially the shirts. Some of the shirts I have are from bands such as We Are The in Crowd, Black Veil Brides and Young Guns. Being a member of a band/an artist doesn’t stop them from showing support to others. So below are just a few artists showing their support.














Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive is rocking the We Are The in Crowd- ‘Lightout Camo” t-shirt. The members of Tonight Alive and We Are The in Crowd are good friends, so it is nice to see bands helping each other out.  Get yours here.


















Here Tay Jardine (We Are The in Crowd) is wearing a t-shirt from ‘Sublime’. It is a navy cotton t-shirt, with the sun in the middle and the band name on the top in red.










Juliet Simms (Automatic Loveletter) is wearing ‘Pierce The Veil: Baseball Shirt’. It is white and navy. Get yours here:
















Here, Miley Cyrus is wearing an Iron Maiden Tank top. I think the “Rock Chic” look suits her more than her look now. But each to their own as people say right?














Lexus Amanda is wearing a t-shirt from the band, Black Veil Brides. A photo of the band in the middle, the name of the band and also faintly, the band’s logo is in the background.









Hayley Williams from Paramore is wearing a t-shirt from the band, ‘Ramones’. It is made out of cotton, has the band logo in the middle & the name at the top.














Jess Bowen from The Summer Set is wearing a t-shirt from the band ‘ACDC‘. It is a black vest top, with the band’s name at the top in a yellow outline and a band photo.

Brian Logan Dales, who is also from The Summer Set is wearing a white ‘RUN DMC’ shirt. It has the band photo at the bottom and also the name of the band in black capital letters, with red strips on the top and bottom.

Next post- Musicians and their Tattoos.



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