10 Years Of Mcfly

I can’t believe that it is 10 years today since Mcfly formed as a band. These guys have come so far and I am so proud.Mcfly have been one of my favourite bands since they released five colours in her hair, so I guess from the beginning.

Yeah I know it’s not only about being there at the beginning but being there till the end- Alex Gaskarth-All Time Low but I, along with many other Mcfly fans are part of a journey with a band that we love and support. You see how music can bring people together!

I really don’t remember having a favourite band before Mcfly apart from Busted. I feel like as I got older, I started to appreciate music even more than I did when I was in year 4. I’m just glad that I have kept the passion I had for music till now and I believe it will be the same in years to come.

But yeah I hope Mcfly are around more more years to come.


McFly Book Signing - London






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