Results Day and Tonight Alive

As many of you know, today was results day for AS and A Level students. The few days that lead up to this day was some of the most nerve wrecking days of this year. All I could do was wait for the 15th August, which is today.

Woke up early to check UCAS, found out I had got into my first choice Uni which was great haha and went to college to collect my results. I was more happy when I found out on UCAS than when I went to collect my results!


There was definitely no disappointment when I received my results Jenna! Gosh If I hadn’t had passed, the look of disappointment on Jenna’s face would have made me 10 times worse.

It’s so weird knowing that I’m going to be going to Uni in about 4 weeks. Plus I had my first driving lesson today which was cool. I’m feeling more of an adult which I don’t want to feel like AT ALL. Ah just think, A few years back, I was watching Hannah Montana on Disney channel and now I’m off to Uni and learning to drive? Woah.

So when I got back home from collecting my results, the first thing I did was switch on the internet, head over to YouTube to watch Tonight Alive’s video, ‘Lonely Girl’. I cannot express how happy I was when I was watching this video. I felt like jumping around the whole room. They were having fun and so was I!

So today has been pretty cool 🙂 Not as bad as I thought really.




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