Music Question Time

question time

As usual, I was on Tumblr and I was scrolling through my dashboard and I spotted a whole load of questions that was reblogged by thousands, including me. The questions were all music based, which was great! So I thought I’d answer 10 of my favourite questions from the list of 60.

Here goes!

– Which bands/artists have you seen LIVE?

Young Guns, Marmozets, We Are The In Crowd, Your Demise, Don Broco, Mallory Knox, Hey Vanity, Black Veil Brides, Tonight Alive, Chiodos and Fearless Vampire Killers.
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– Would you like to be a part of the music industry?

Definitely! I would love to be a tour manager or work at festivals. That would be awesome.

– A song you’d like to marry on

This is not really a song, but it’s just instrumental, Black Veil Brides: Overture. Instead of the traditional wedding song everyone walks down to, don’t you think ‘Overture’ would be amazing? I do!

– Top 10 favorite songs at the moment

We Are The In Crowd: Attention

We Came as Romans: The King Of Silence

Tonight Alive: Lonely Girl

Panic At The Disco: The Gospel

Young Guns: You Are Not

A Day To Remember: If It Means A Lot To You

Paremore: Still Into You

Bring Me The Horizon: Sleepwalking

Avenged Sevenfold: Hail To The King

Falling In Reverse: Where Have You Been

– 3 songs that make you happy

Young Guns: Learn My Lesson

Falling In Reverse: Bad Girls Club

Tonight Alive: Listening

– 1st band you remember being a fan of

Mcfly. Ah I still love this band and it’s been 10 years now!


– Name one American band/artist you like

Black Veil Brides


– Name one English band/artist you like

Young Guns


– Name one band/artist you like of which nationality is neither American or English

Tonight Alive


– Favorite soundtrack

I really love the Toy Story soundtrack! It is the best.

– Top 5 albums of all time

Not in any particular order.

Pierce The Veil- Collide With The Sky

Young Guns- Bones

Black Veil Brides- Wretched And Divine

We Are The In Crowd- Best Intentions

Tonight Alive- What Are You So Scared Of? 

Peace 🙂


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