Tumblr Band Questions

Like yesterday, I am going to answer questions that I found from Tumblr. See, scrolling through Tumblr nearly all day does pay off! I really like this set of questions as they are all band related, which is always the best haha.

On the list on Tumblr, there are 40 questions but like yesterday I am going to answer just 10 of my favourite questions from the list.

  1. What’s one band you haven’t seen that you wish you could?

I’ve always wanted to see My Chemical Romance live but I highly doubt there will be a chance now, which is very hard to even think about because they have been one of favourite bands since they released ‘Helena’. I wish they hadn’t had split up but there is always hope in the music industry right?


2. What’s one song you wish you could see live?

I think ‘Sleepwalking’ by BMTH would be an awesome song to hear live. Yesterday, I watched Reading Festival on TV and I saw Bring Me The Horizon’s set. They played ‘Sleepwalking’ and it sounded great! I loved when the crowd sang the chorus along with the band. It was like one big family! So yeah, ‘Sleepwalking’ would be great to hear live.


3. What’s one piece of band merch you wish you owned?

One piece of band merch I wish I had is the Pierce The Veil Denim vest. I really like it but it is quite expensive. If it wasn’t for the P&P being so expensive, then maybe I would have brought it. But oh well.


4. If you could design a piece of merch for your favorite band, what would it be and what would it look like?

I would design merch for We Are The in Crowd. It would be a jumper. The colour of the jumper would be black. On the back, it would have the member’s names on the back in whole letters, with a full stop after their name; going downwards in a list. And on the front, it would have a band photo and their logo on the top of the jumper. This is the photo I would use.


5. Your Top five most played songs in itunes.

We Came As Romans- ‘The King Of Silence’ (87 Times)

A Day To Remember- ‘It’s Complicated’ (22 Times)

A Day To Remember- ‘All Signs Point To Lauderdale’ (21 Times)

Tonight Alive- ‘Lonely Girl’ (19 Times)

Bring Me The Horizon- ‘And The Snakes Start To Sing’ (16 Times)

6. If you could work for any band, which would you work for?

I would love to work with Tonight Alive because they always look like they are having so much fun; not that my other favourite bands are not. They just seem like really nice people and seem very approachable. So yeah, I’d love to work with Tonight Alive.


7. If you made your own tour and had four bands and one headliner, who would you pick and for which roles.

I would have Young Guns as the headlining band, so they would be last. We are the in Crowd would be first, Tonight Alive would be second. Pierce The Veil would play third.



8. What’s one band member that you wish would start their own clothing line?

I wish Tay Jardine had her own clothing line. The clothes she wears are really nice and always inspires me.


9. what’s your favorite thing to do at a concert?

I like to take photos at concerts. As well as having a good time, I would also like to have more to remember the show than my memories. As the saying goes “Take a picture. It’ll last longer”.

Here are some of the photos I took at shows.



DSCN3494 YG set

10. What’s one album you could listen to on repeat forever?

That one album would be ‘Bones’ by Young Guns. I like all of the songs off that album plus Young Guns are my favourite band.


Hope you enjoyed that. Feel free to ask me anymore questions and I will answer them in a post later on.

Peace 🙂


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