When My Chemical Romance Split

This is not something I ever thought I would even have to write about so soon. I mean, they’re MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE guys! Them, out of all the bands were one band that I never gave a thought about splitting up.

“Noooooooo!” was what was going through my mind all night. I even shed a little tear as I was trying to go back to sleep after hearing that. This was my reaction to when my sister told me that Michael Jackson had passed away. Just a state of shock really, not expecting such news.

I woke up few hours later and got ready for the day ahead. I kind of forgot about My Chemical Romance’s split because sometimes I can’t tell whether what I dream is actually real or if it was just in my head. Scary? I know.

I hadn’t felt like this before but I felt so upset that I couldn’t even function properly. I’m generally a really happy person but I think it was just the shock of one of my favourite bands not being together anymore. Since 2005, I said that MCR were one of my favourite bands since I saw the music video ‘Helena’. Like a lot of their fans, I “grew up” with them and they did help me through a lot. School was hard enough anyway being a teenager so I will be forever grateful to sort of have these guys on this journey with me.

I couldn’t handle Bob Bryar leaving the band let alone the whole band splitting up! Whatever the future holds for Gerard, Frank, Ray and Mikey, the MCRmy will always support them with whatever happens. Just because a band is no more does not mean that the fanbase have to depart. Fans are fans till the very end.

How did you guys handle My Chemical Romance’s Split?


7 thoughts on “When My Chemical Romance Split

      1. Yeah it definitely will. But it’s always going to be a sore one to think about. Btw, would you mind of I also did a post similar to this? Like my experience of the breakup? I just want to ask to make sure it’s okay with you.

      2. Definitely. I just hope one day they come back. Yeah that’s fine 🙂 I found it a good way to get my feelings out about this.

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