Oli Sykes’ (BMTH) New Feather Tattoo

tumblr_ms9vc4DNzp1sti8k3o1_500  Feel_Album_Cover_by_Sleeping_With_Sirens

(Oli’s Tattoo compared with SWS’ album ‘Feel’)

Who would have thought Oli Sykes would have gotten yet another tattoo?! Via Instagram, he posted a photo of his new tattoo, which you can see in the photo above. Pretty cool tattoo if you ask me. It does suit him and I at this moment in time I cannot think of anyone else who would have pulled it off as well as Oli has done. That’s just what I think!

We wouldn’t have expected anything less from him really. But some people did not feel the same. Kellin Quinn, Lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens responded to the photo on Twitter in which he referred to SWS’ latest album, Feel. The album cover consists of a lightly etched feather on white background.

‘Feel’ has a pretty unique album cover, but so do many others. Album covers have to be original, as it represents the band and the tracks on the album. They are classed as a form of art and a way of expression. Twitter may not be the best way to resolve anything really. But you’ve got to admit, it makes for a bit of light reading!


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