Update Time

Been slacking lately with this which is a shame but I do have an excuse.

I am an intern for Altsounds! What I am doing is writing album reviews, gig reviews and posting up the latest music news. I am really enjoying this and I am certain great opportunities will come from this.

I am not back at Uni yet so I have more time for everything else but unfortunately I go back next Monday 😥

Working for Altsounds reminds me of my bucket list that I wrote last year. I have crossed off quite a couple of things on there over the last couple of months like going to uni, get work experience and try a pop tart which I was keen on at first but have decided I am not so keen on pop tarts.

Soon I will be crossing other things off. Things like meeting We Are The In Crowd (M&E&G), Seeing We Came As Romans live and going to Slam Dunk festival.

AND I MIGHT BE INTERVIEWING YOU ME AT SIX SOON! and that’s all I’m saying for that

Some Bands/artists I hope to interview eventually:

Echosmith, Tonight Alive, We Came As Romans,Falling In Reverse,  Of Mice & Men, Young Guns, Set It Off, We Are The In Crowd and Don Broco.

I’ll keep you lot updated.




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