An Interview with King The Kid

I recently spoke to band, King The Kid. We talk about Tours, Australia and Miley Cyrus.  They were a pleasure to speak to.

So let’s start of by introducing yourselves and one interesting fact.

KTK: My name is David and I sing in the band and one interesting fact about me is that I have very surprisingly stretchy skin on my face. My name is Ricky, I play drums in the band and one interesting fact is that I’m double jointed on my left thumb. My name is Jose and I play guitar and one interesting fact about me is I was hit by a car once.

Recently, you released your single ‘Last Train’. How has the reception been so far from your fans?

KTK: It’s been awesome! We have writing and recording tons of new music and Last Train was something we were very excited to show and we knew we would be going on tour with Hollywood Ending which is a pop sort of act so we thought last train would be a perfect fit so we put it out and everybody really loved it and it is real fun to play live.

Will your fans be able to expect a music video for ‘Last Train’ any time soon?

KTK: I think as for right now we are on the Hollywood ending tour we are seeing how Hollywood Ending fans and all the other bands fans and our fans continue to grow/react to last train but I’m thinking our plan is to release multiple singles throughout this year and whether or not there will be a music video is a bit up in the air but we’ll see.

Could you tell us a bit about the single and the inspiration behind it?

KTK: It’s sort of about the challenge of being in touch with your loved ones through the distance. Part of what we do is based on traveling, being away from loved ones and last train is sort of an expression of that. It means different things to each of us.

Tell us a bit about how the band got together.

KTK: It a long story but the short version would be about 2 and a half years ago I think the three of us all moved to LA. We’re all from all over. We all happened to move to LA as we are all young musicians who agreed ti chase the dream and we all thought LA was the place to be. That’s where we all met and after we all met, we decided to start King the Kid and the rest is history.

2013 was undoubtable a great year for King the Kid. You opened for singer, Alex Goot on his tour. How did this come about and is there anything you learnt from that tour as a band?

KTK: Well Alex is a friend of ours. We met him while we were living in LA so he asked us to play on his tour and it was pretty simple and it was a very fun tour. Well we learnt a lot about touring just in general about how the logistics work with the venue and everything like that. We already knew a good amount. I guess one of the things we really learnt was going into Canada wasn’t as easy as we thought and American’s bringing merchandise across the border. It’s not that easy. So that was sort of fun.

For anyone who hasn’t yet heard of King the Kid, describe your shows in 3 words.

KTK: In 3 words, I would say energetic, chaotic and emotional. Let’s go with that!

Out of all the cover songs you have done, you guys have put your own spin on them.  My personal favourites are Thrift Shop and My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark. What has been your favourite songs to cover and why?

KTK: I would say I liked My Songs know what you did in the dark. That was really fun! I think we agree on that one. When we filmed the video, if you looked at my songs… we’re filming in the snow. So cold. Crazy cold! We all practically got hypothermia filming it and it was just the three of us filming ourselves. If you look, you never actually see all three of us in a shot. We filmed ourselves. But it was freezing.

The cover you did for wrecking ball was what hit the nail on the head. It earned the band 4 million views on YouTube. Out of all the songs you have covered, why did you decide to cover the wrecking ball video?

KTK: We were back in Florida, working on our song. Something reinvented, an acoustic version of ‘Start Something’ and we were about a week away with wrapping that up and the song is super emotional. You can really see that from Miley and as crazy and wacky the video was the song really hit home for her and we loved the song. The video was blowing up and we thought “let’s be goofy and do it!” So we did. We weren’t expecting it to go as viral as it did. Kind of crazy. But we love the song. We were brainstorming forever, we love the song and the cover sounds great but what could we do for the video. We thought screw it, let’s copy her! But the food thing, I don’t know how that happened!

Watch their cover of “Wrecking Ball” below.

So what songs would you like to cover in the future?

KTK: Rather than cover the next popular song, we want it to mean something to us. Not sure of yet what it will be. The timing has to be right, we have to be really inspired by the song.

What band/artist would you consider to be an influence in your music?

KTK: Our influences are all over the place, we love all kinds of music. We listen to all kinds of music in our car when we drive. I know a lot of what we grew up with was classic rock and Ricky’s got a lot of blink 182, sort of punk green day sort of thing. Jose has got a lot of john Mayer and I have a lot of incubus. But however all three of us love, respect and listen to all kinds of music. Really our music is sort of a melting pot of all our interests.

Next month, you’re heading out to Australia for Expload’s Music Festival. What are you looking forward to while you are over there?

KTK: More than anything for one, we are actually excited to play internationally. It’s been a big dream of ours, the whole first year and trying to get overseas. For our fans in Australia and Europe. It seems like a great first start. Right now, we are on our winter tour in the US. The shows have been great and a lot of fun and really cold and a pain in the butt with the whole snow thing but going over to Australia this time of the year. It’ll be summer and beautiful. We’re sure it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Being on tour with Hollywood ending, how has it been as a tour overall?

KTK: It’s been awesome. They’re very nice bands, good group of guys. The other bands are very cool. It’s been great, we have actually got the coolest traveling rig, we’ve got an RV, and the other bands are in a van so we have a cool place to hang out before each show. They’ll all come hang out in our RV but it is very inspiring traveling with other musicians that are like ourselves and we all love to watch each other shows. Yeah it’s great.

What has been your favourite part of the tour?

KTK: So far we’ve only played four shows, I’d like to say Philadelphia was maybe our favourite performance so far. Once the tour starts you’re still trying to get better every night. I feel like we all played well and the crowd we’re awesome, so I think Philadelphia was the best so far.

So what can we expect from King the Kid this year?

KTK: It’s going to be crazy for us. 11 new songs that are almost finished in the studio. We don’t know how we’re going to put them out. Maybe an EP, single, album. Who knows! We’re already playing in Australia, we have multiple tours already lined up for the next few months. This year is going to be a lot of new music, a lot of touring and we’re just growing as a band.

Any final words for your fans?

KTK: We love you guys! Thank you for the continuing support and we’re excited for 2014. We really think if we can grow as much as 2013, it’d be a great year and we know it.

KTK released their first original track of 2014 titled “Last Train” which premiered exclusively on Billboard.


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