An Interview With Brittany Smooch

I caught up recently with teen singer, Brittany Smooch. Brittany is the newest pop sensation to emerge from NYC. Her latest single ‘Kamikaze’ ft Lil Twist, from Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, caught the attention of many people.


Introduce yourself and tell us if you could pick one song that would play as the soundtrack of your life, what would it be?

Hi my name is Brittany Smooch I am a Hip Hop artist from New York City.

You recently released your new single ‘Kamikaze’ which features Lil Twist of YMCMB. Tell us about how this collaboration came together.

I met Lil twist at his concert and we started talking about working together, and then our publicist just coordinated it from there.

How has the reception been so far from your fan sabout the new single?

The reception has been amazing! My fans were super excited that I collaborated with Lil Twist. It was actually really funny, Lil Twist posted  a photo of us on instagram and all of his fans and beliebers were commenting thinking I was Selena Gomez.

What is the inspiration behind your latest single?

Kamikaze is an up beat, feel good song. I just wanted a song that represented my friends and I , hanging out, and just having a good time.

What is the concept behind the new music video?

The new song is called Come On Feat. Hayes. Hayes is also like my big brother and we have the best time together always. Hayes is part of Floyd Mayweathers The Money Team and is always having an amazing time out in Vegas. So the concept for the next video is just going to be me and my brother having a good time showing the world how we live when we go to Vegas.

Do you feel there is a certain level of expectation within the music industry being a young artist as you already know what sort of artist you want to be?

I think there is a lot of pressure for any artist at any age, its all about being persistent and never giving up. There are thousands of people trying to do exactly what I am doing so in order for me to make it I need to work as hard as I can! I am an artist who makes music that people can relate to, wanting to party, or even heart brakes. Music to me is the best therapy.

What artists influence you as a musician in terms of your performance and song writing?

Rihanna is my biggest inspiration, i love her music, her style, and her whole persona. I think she is hot and super talented!

The Juice High School Tour kicked off in Orlando,FL yesterday. What are you looking forward to while on the road?

I love being on the road, I love performing and meeting new people everyday. The Juice High School Tour is really fun, I go to high schools around Orlando and perform for the students and after hangout with the kids. Its really fun to get to know the kids and show them who Brittany Smooch is.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Brittany Smooch,describe your set in 3 words.

In 3 words I would say my set is fun, up beat, and energetic.

In December, you went on tour with Aaron Carter.How was that as a tour overall?

The tour was honestly Amazing. I learned so much from being on tour with Aaron Carter. Performing in different cities and states every night was just such an amazing experience. He has really amazing fans, and I was lucky I got to meet them and be apart of his tour!

If there is one thing that you took away/learnt from that tour what was it?

I learned alot from being on tour with Aaron Carter. He has so much talent its incredible. I learned that as an artist being on tour, your fans are there for you, and you need to do everything you can to make sure your show is perfect for your fans. Aaron would get into every detail about his show from setting up the stage and making sure the sound was perfect. He taught me how to make sure the sound was just right in sound check and make sure even the little noises were sounding great!

You were guest editor for Pure Dope Magazine.What was that experience like?

I love working with Pure Dope Magazine, it is really fun for me to meet other artists and interview them and get to know them in a way I wouldnt have known if I didnt interview them. I learn alot from working with Pure Dope Magazine. I love to learn and experience as much as I can!

When can your fans expect new material from you?

My New single Come On feat. Hayes will be released in May.

 What is in store for Brittany Smooch this year?

I am currently working on my album, I will be releasing my single Come On feat. Hayes and the music video! and performing anywhere I can!

Any final words/thoughts to your fans.

I love my fans so much, I would be nothing without my fans so I want to thank my smoochers for always being there for me and supporting me!

Quick Fire Questions:
1.      Ipod or MP3
2.      Ebook or Physical copy
-physical copy
3.      Summer or Winter
4.      Festivals or Concerts
5.      Vans or Converse
6.      Touring or in the studio
7.      Writing or Recording

Check out the behind the scenes video of Brittany’s latest music video, Kamikaze.


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