An Interview With Dazy, (The Girl)

I recently caught up Lauren Wilhelm, known as Dazy, (The Girl) this week. Dazy recently stopped by The Gunz Show to debut her first single “I Told You So” featuring Derek Sanders, lead singer of band Mayday Parade.


Introduce yourself and if you had a super sweet 16 party, what artist/ band would you have play at your party?

I’m Dazy and I’m a musician from Tallahassee, Florida. I play Piano and I write all my own music. You can find me on Soundcloud here. That’s a great question! Probably The Starting Line, Tacking Back Sunday, Brand New and Jimmy Eat World.

Your first single ‘I Told You So’ features lead singer of Mayday Parade Derek Sanders. Was it easier writing with Derek as you both know each other or was there pressure as you wanted to get it perfect especially being your first single?

No it was really easy. You know we went in there with the song mostly song and he helped me finish up the bridge he sang on. It was just a really good time. We get along with Zach and Kenneth so well so it was very easy. It was very fun.

How has the reception been so far from your fans about your debut single?

It’s been great. It’s growing slowly and steadily. The song’s been out since December so I’ve had a little bit of time to figure out what I’m going to do and everybody seems to like it and I’ve got a music video coming out in the next weeks. I think everyone’s going to be excited. It’s a very cool video.

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the new single?

I have been writing music for so long and the song was very unique, it kind of stood out to me. I didn’t write it for a band or anything, no specific genre or anything. I kept going off of the beginning lines, created a story and every once in a while bringing relatable things to my life, actually creating this character to remember how I sing the song. I sing so many different genres as my voice can sing a lot of different ways so I just kind of keep the same feeling. The story is based off that actually!

The video for ‘I Told You So’ was shot a couple of weeks ago. What can your fans expect from the music video?

We basically shot all day. It was really fun. We ran around Tallahassee and used all the cool spots. We shot in the Dally Alley, which I don’t know if you know was in some of the earlier Mayday Parade songs they sing about. When we were a lot younger, we all used to sneak up onto the roof in downtown Tallahassee. We’re kids just having fun so that was really special to me to be able to shoot in Dally Alley. We actually got kicked out, it’s not the same as it used to be, some hooligans. It was just a lot of fun.

We have a couple of scenes where a bunch of our friends came out, they were dressed crazy! My dad came and he was dressed as the Easter bunny. We had this bar and everyone was drinking. It’s going to be a really weird music video. It’s all fun though! Nobody wants to watch a boring music video. I wanted to make it interesting, most of the people who are going to watch this have listened to the song and our fans love it that’s why they’re watching the video. It’s not like it’s some new song. It could be really boring if I just went with the storyline.

Music videos can be so boring I just wanted to have fun with it. My mom actually dressed up as a carrot! Like a giant blue steel wig, she put freckles on her face. She looked so crazy!

You’ve done quite a few covers including ‘King for a Day’, ‘Headlines’ with the latest being ‘Chocolate’ by The 1975. Quite a broad range of music interests I see. Why did you chose this song in particular to cover?

I chose ‘Chocolate’ as it was kind of a last minute decision. I was about to do an interview up in New York at the Gunz show and I had my friend play with me. You know all my friends have been really into The 1975 and I am too, I just, I’m really bad when it comes to new music. It takes me a little while whenever I have free time I’m playing my own music. It takes a while to check up on everyones else’s stuff and I really like the song but he’s like ‘Hey, we should cover ‘Chocolate!’’ I really like love that band. In America, nobody understands the words! So it was really funny because I had to learn all the words and I thought he was saying Mexico instead of Petticoat, learning the words to the songs which is funny but it was good. I really like it. I really like how it turned out. In an hour, we are going to release my piano cover on Youtube of ‘Chocolate’ and it’s actually better than the Gunz performance that I posted on my Soundcloud.

I think it is the rhythm as well because the way he (Matt Healy) sings is very unique anyway. I’m a huge fan of Ellie Goulding fan and I can understand everything she is saying. She amazing! She must be huge over there. She huge over here too. I’m a huge fans of hers.

Are there any songs in charts now or classics that you would like to cover?

It’s always a spare of the moment thing when I end up doing covers. It’s usually very late at night and I’m working in our studio and I happen to have free time which never happens. Like when I get free time, I just go crazy! My body knows it’s time and I’ve got to switch into that mode and it’s whatever I’ve been playing. I got really into Drake for a while. I like a lot of different music but yeah so it just comes to me. Whatever I’ve been listening to or singing in my head. I should just see if I could do a really good cover so all of the covers besides ‘Chocolate’ which was done. I recorded and did everything from my studio and just in my spare time to get my voice out there. As far as what I want to cover now, I have been working on a Brand New cover and it’s going difficult. They are such an intricate band I don’t want to screw it up. I can be picky when it comes to that.

What is that one song you wish you had written and why?

One song I had written? That’s a great question. A lot of them, probably ‘Happy Birthday’. You have to make so much money off of it. But musically a song I wish I had written, well really one of my favourite bands in high school and still are; they’re actually putting a new record out and called Copeland and their first song on their first CD which they probably put out 15 years or something and it’s called ‘Brightest’ by Copeland and it’s such a cool song. I feel like it is so relevant to people who hear it now like still really into the song. It used to be me and Derek’s song when we were younger and it’s just a beautiful song.

If you could come up with the ultimate tour line-up, who would be included? Not forgetting yourself.

Probably the exact people I told you haha. But more of a practical line-up would be something like Ellie Goulding. I don’t know haha. If it comes down to the line, it’ll probably be some of my old favourite bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. That kind of stuff.

What was the first concert that you went to?

My very first concert was Hootie and the Blowfish. We lived down by the beach, well I guess that was technically my first concert. My first show was when I was Tallahassee, that’s a good question. It would probably be one of Derek’s older bands, the defining moments show.

You played with Stages and Stereos last week. How was that as a show overall?

It was a stage it show and we actually did it at my home which was really cool. We’re good friends with them anyway so it was easy, they came over and we had drinks, relaxed and had a good time. We all want to do more stage it shows. It actually went so well. It was too short, we want longer stage it shows!

What musician would you consider to have influenced you when in terms of song writing and also performance wise?

I just listen to everything, I used to listen to Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilera growing up. I used to listen to Linkin Park. It’s just a little bit of everything but when it comes to me it traces more back to my upbringing because I did chorus in high school, I was a singer in a band so it’s kind of everywhere. It’s all over the place. Probably my parent and watching musicals as a child.

What can we expect from Dazy (the girl) this year?

Hopefully a lot! Music and music videos. I’m going to try and get an EP out at the end of the summer. We’re trying to make that happen pretty quickly. We have one song out so it’s early to even tell what could happen.

Any final words for your fans?

Oh my gosh so many words! People are already fans of ne now which is awesome like I said we have a song out and the covers keep the fan base involved and growing so I couldn’t do anything without having people become interested and hopefully like my music so thank you and talk to me because I’m always on my phone all day, keeping in touch with everybody!

Quick fire questions:

1. Summer or winter? Summer

2. Festivals or Concerts? Festivals

3. Books or Movies? Movies

4. Digital or Physical? Digital

5. Tea or Coffee? I have recently just switched from coffee to tea and it’s been hard! So I’m going to go with tea.

Check out Dazy’s piano cover of ‘Chocolate’ below.







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