Update: Thank You! (Nearly at 15,000 views)

First off, I want to say a HUGE thanks to all you guys who check out my blog. I know a lot of people say this, but it is much appreciated as I do try to update my blog regularly with entertaining features and articles. We are nearly at 15,000 views with only having this blog for only 10 months, which may sound like a long time but it really isn’t for starting a blog and gaining so many views.

Next up, if you know of any new bands that you are liking at the moment who you would like to me to interview, then send me some suggestions and I will try my best to do so. I gains experience for myself and also a good read for you all!

Recently I have been appointed the role for news editor for IKE Productions, which means that I post up the latest music news onto the site. Towards the end of the year, I ope to conduct interviews with bands for that site also which I am excited about but there is still more time. Also the more experience I gain in my journalism means the more opportunities that I am offered such as writing for my university newspaper in the summer which I am stocked about as I always think of photographer Adam Elmakias having his photos in his school paper, pursued his passion for photography and now he gets to tour with a whole load of bands and meet new people. Something I hope to do, but the music journalism side.








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