An Interview With Fourth & Coast

I had a chat with the guys of Fourth & Coast about their new single, first impressions and upcoming plans for this year.


Fourth & Coast are a pop duo consisting of Stephen Ordonez and James Colla from San Diego, CA. With having being friends for a long time who met at a Baseball game back in the 7th grade, they have released demos over 2012. Their EP ‘Feels Like Summer’ was produced by Colby Wedgeworth (The Maine, Lydia, This Century) in 2013. The remainder of the year they spent touring and writing. Fourth & Coast have toured with bands such as Paradise Fears, Hollywood Ending and Before You Exit.

Introduce yourselves and if you could switch places with a member of your favorite band, who would it be and why?

My name is James and I play guitar in Fourth & Coast. Oh man that’s a hard one! My favorite band is The Devil Wears Prada so to play guitar in that band could definitely be interesting but I think it could be cool to also experience a music scene different to the one we’ve been in!

My name is Stephen and I sing in Fourth & Coast. I’d have to say Matt Healy of The 1975 because the songs would be so fun to play every night but mainly because I would have a british accent.

You guys first met at a pick-up basketball game in the 7th grade. What were your first impressions of each other?

James: I honestly don’t even remember! There was another Stephen in the group already so our Stephen was known as “Little Steve” at the time, so that’s what comes to mind.

Stephen: I’m pretty sure James had a shark shirt and shark necklace on and he was a lot chubbier than he is now.

We all have those songs that remind us of our time in high school. What songs remind you of high school?

James: I would have to say anything on All Time Low’s Nothing Personal album. Either that or Greeley Estates. Such good music.

Stephen: Paramore’s Riot album and ‘Embers and Envelopes’ by Mae.

What were your first concerts that you went to?

James: Technically Van Halen was my first concert, but it’s hard to count for me just because it didn’t have the full experience of standing with thousands of people, we were up high in some chairs. My first “real” show, by my definition was The Devil Wears Prada playing with A Day To Remember.

Stephen: I went to a Hilary Duff concert in fourth grade and I’m pretty sure I was the only boy there. I vividly remember trying to get a closer look through binoculars because my sister and I were in the nosebleeds. So awesome.

Recently you released a lyric video for the single “Young Hearts”. The track features guest vocals from The Ready Set. How was it working with Jordan?

James: We’re so pumped that Jordan was able to be on the track. We actually met him at a Halloween party and eventually showed him a demo of Young Hearts and managed to get him on it! It was a blast.

Stephen: I think he brings such a unique style/sound to the song and he absolutely killed it!

How did the collaboration come about as sometimes it seems choosing the right artist to feature on the track may be difficult at times?

James: As we said in the last question, it eventually just came up with him and we definitely wanted someone with a reputation as an artist, whom we also enjoyed their music, so Jordan was the perfect choice.

What was it like working with producer Colby Wedgeworth, who has worked with the likes of The Maine, This Century and Lydia and who you guys have previously worked with on your EP “Feels Like Summer”.

We love Colby. He literally kills it every time. It’s super laid back and so easy to work with him, and he’s a great producer. We actually did Young Hearts with him as well. I would definitely recommend him to someone looking for an amazing producer.

For anyone who hasn’t seen Fourth & Coast live, how would you describe your set?

Our set is constantly changing! We like to surprise people. We’ve done sets full of upbeat songs, and we’ve done sets mixed with completely unplugged acoustic sections. We love adding new elements to our show.

What does a typical day in the life of Fourth & Coast include?

Haha on tour it consists of a lot of sleeping eating and driving, mixed in with lots of talking and music playing. At home it consists of burritos, football and Netflix and frozen yogurt.

You guys said the song “Young Hearts” is about young love. When writing songs, do you use personal experience as inspiration or experiences from people around you?

We definitely use both. If there’s a situation relevant to us that we want to write about we definitely don’t hesitate to use that. However, stories and experiences from others are equally as appealing to us.

Being a fan of The Ready Set before the collaboration, you said both of you were fans of his music.  So did you have to try and put aside being a fan for a moment and keep it professional?

Haha we are definitely fans of his music, however it’s more of a respect factor that we have towards him as opposed to being an emotional fan when we see him.

Last year, you toured with bands such as Paradise Fears and Hollywood Ending. What have you learnt from touring that you can apply to the future?

So many things. Eat healthy, get a lot of sleep, and don’t forget to enjoy yourself. Sometimes touring can be stressful, but overall it’s still an amazing experience and a lot of fun.

If we had a look through your iPod/music devices, would there be anything that people would be shocked to find out you listened to?

I’m not sure actually! I listen to a lot of hardcore music, which could be surprising since I play in a pop duo, but honestly my iPod has everything from One Direction to Zac Brown Band.

What musicians would you say influenced you in terms of song writing and performance?

That’s tough. We like to take ideas from so many people and mix them in new combinations. I know when we first started playing music All Time Low was a huge influence for us.

Describe your music in 3 words.

Indie Pop Guitar.

Any plans for a UK tour?

Not as of right now but I really hope so!

Where can people go to check out your music or anything about Fourth & Coast?

Twitter Facebook and Youtube! Our URL is always Fourthandcoast.

Check out Fourth & Coast’s lyric video for the new single ‘Young Hearts’ featuring The Ready Set.



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