Introducing: The Innocent- ‘What Now’ (Rihanna Cover)

The Innocent are a British indie band from London set for a big future in the music industry. One band that I will definitely be following through their musical journey.  They recently did a cover of Rihanna‘s track ‘What Now’ which you can check out below.


The band consists of Chantelle Gibbons on vocals, completed by siblings Phil Short and Si Short on guitar and bass and Cem Andre on drums.

Being from the UK, it is partly my duty to back british bands which I have done for day one! This year especially I feel  has been a really good year for british bands in terms of albums, tours and more. Bands such as Marmozets, Blitz Kids, Neck Deep & Mallory Knox are bands I have been a fan of for a number of years and believe that The Innocent fit right in.

With their unique sound, they are bound to stand out, which is always a major point in any industry. As months/years go on, we are bound to hear more from them with the release of their debut EP in autumn.

Before forming the band, they have worked with bands/musicians such as Mcfly, Tyler James, Ed Sheeran and Mica Paris. This shows the variety of people/music that influences them as a band and as individuals. Plus, now the UK have another female fronted band which is what the industry needs right now.

Pretty excited to see where this band go and the day they  play festivals around the UK will be a great day for us all.

Their debut EP ‘Broken Pieces’ is set for release in the autumn via Common World Recordings.

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