An Interview With Aaah!RealMonsters

I caught up with the band Aaah!RealMonsters for an interview in which we discuss their latest album ‘Don’t Stop’, cartoon show, previous tours and much more! Read the full interview below.

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Introduce yourselves and what is one interesting fact that your fans may not know about the band?

My name is Matt Moore and I play bass and sing vocals for Aaah!RealMonsters. We are a Pop Punk band based out of St. Louis, MO and we have been writing/recording music for almost 4 years now. We originally formed in the fall of 2010, have released 2 studio albums and have played in several cities across the west/Midwest. One interesting fact that you may not know about us, is that Ryan Martin (Guitar and Vocals) plays the Banjo.

If you were trapped in a room and could request only one song to play, what song would you pick and why? Bearing in mind, you could be trapped for a number of years.

The last song that I would request would be Freebird. If I could only pick one would be: “Late Nights in My Car” by Real Friends. I have definitely already overplayed that song and I am still absolutely in love with it.

How has the reception been about ‘Don’t Quit’ from your fans?

I think overall our fans have enjoyed the album Don’t Quit. For a lot of fans who hadn’t heard Relocate, they were impressed with the recording quality and writing ability that was shown. For those who had listened to Relocate, I think they were a little surprised with the difference in writing structure and overall sound. Adding Ryan to the band made a big difference in the way we write and sound as a band. The reception has been great in general and we have gotten a lot of compliments about the album.

What was the inspiration behind the song ‘You’ll Get What’s Coming”?

Tom wrote that song a couple of years ago and it is probably my favourite of all of the songs he has written. Tom actually wrote it about his mom’s ex-boyfriend – from my understanding the guy was just really ignorant, didn’t really take good care of the family, or of his mother. Tom had a lot of frustration built up behind that and he wrote the song about him saying you’ll get what’s coming to you eventually so if you keep being this type of person, something’s going to come back to bite you and the whole point behind that is just saying how you just need to treat people better and a gentleman wears a suit and a tie, crosses his t’s, dots his i’s, that type of thing. It is a very powerful song, and it is emotional every time we play it.

In 2012, you became a member of Here to Ear Music. As it is run by Matt’s father, do you think you have more creative freedom and a say in what happens musically as opposed to a major record label?

We all enjoy creative freedom and I think having our own label allows us to do just this. You will see with our next release that we are constantly trying to stretch our boundaries and not pigeon hole our sound to strictly Pop Punk. There is a lot of Jazz and Blues influence in our upcoming release “Your Day,” while we also still have some songs that follow the Pop Punk genre. If we were on a major label, I fear that all of the songs on the albums we write would have to follow a similar sound and we wouldn’t be able to add in Jazz/Blues influence at all.

When I typed Aaah!RealMonsters into google, the first couple of results is the cartoon tv show, Aaah!RealMonsters. On that note, if you could name the band after any other tv show, what would it be and why?

If I could name our band after any other TV Show, I would probably name it Hey Arnold – that was my favourite TV Show growing up, but I still feel that Aaah!RealMonsters is a better band name J

In February, you played a couple of shows in the US. How were the shows overall?

All of the shows went really well. We did a mini tour back in 2012 and it was OK. We didn’t see a lot of attendance overall and I think we were still a little inexperienced for the road. Early this year was great. Overall we had a lot of great attendance and the crowd reaction was positive. We ended up getting a lot of footage as well and will be showing some of it in upcoming music videos! It is certainly a good feeling to know that we can head back out on the road and generate attendance in Cities that we do not consider to be home.

Was there anything you learned playing the shows that you will take away for future tours?

We got a good idea of expenses and what it costs to make a successful tour, and what we need to generate from a revenue stand point to come out on top. Since we are all spread across the country, it is very important to take this into consideration for setting up tours. We learned that can make these circuits profitable and even learned a bit about preshow/tour promotion.

What bands influence you in terms of performance and song writing?

I am very heavily influenced in a lot of areas. When I write for the band, I am heavily influenced by bands like: Off With Their Heads, Alkaline Trio, Blink 182, Bayside, Queen, Led Zeppelin, The Wonder Years and Real Friends. When I write on my own terms I am very heavily influenced by Blues, Folk and Classic Rock. Typically I will hear a song, be in a mood to write music and that sound will influence my writing.

For anyone that hasn’t heard of the band, what song would you advise someone to listen to in order to sum up the music?

I would tell them to listen to listen to our upcoming single Teaser. It gives you a good taste of 3 part vocal harmonies, powerful guitar, complex drum technique and the lively fast paced music that we enjoy jumping around to on stage.

If you could come up with the ultimate tour line-up, what bands would you include?

If we could open for any tour ever, my ideal line-up would go as follows:

Aaah!RealMonsters,  Real Friends, The Wonder Years, Off With Their Heads and Bayside

What is one thing that you would like your fans to take away after listening to Aaah!RealMonsters?

I want our fans to understand that you don’t have to do what is anticipated of you when you live your life. Be different, surprise people, say what you want, do what you want, and most of all, enjoy every minute of it. Anything is possible when you set your mind to it. If 5 halfway talented musicians can record albums from thousands of miles apart, then the sky is the limit. We don’t make a lot of money at this (at least not yet) and yet we still love it. It gives us a break from our “real world” lives and lets us enjoy the moments that we spend travelling/playing shows. Do what you do because of your love and passion for it.

So where can people check out your music or anything about the band?

Google, Facebook, Bandcamp, Band Website. We are on there, just make sure you spell our name right: Aaah!RealMonsters (NO SPACES)

When can we expect new material from you?

Sometime this year. We finally got back in the studio this summer and will have 6 or 7 songs ready to go for you guys, with our single “Teaser” to be released prior to the rest of the album. Keep your eyes peeled and pay attention to where you can see us after our release.

What’s next for the band this year?

You can expect to hear our 3rd Studio release, Your Day, and also to see us live in cities across the West/Midwest. We will be announcing dates around the same time that we release the new album.

Any final words for you fans?

Thank you all for paying attention and listening to the sounds that we create. We all love playing music together but if we didn’t have your appreciation, it would be very difficult to keep going. Thank you and continue to share the love!

Quick Fire Questions-

Intimate or sold out shows?
Intimate AND sold out. Our ideal show is a smaller venue maybe 100 Capacity packed to the brim with barely any standing room.

Cats or dogs?
Cats are low maintenance – I want a Bobcat or a panther one day.

Books or movies?
Movies – reading takes too long for me.

Favourite super heroes?
Batman – No super powers, still awesome!

Cinema or DVD?
DVD – I hate movie theaters

Festivals or shows?
Festivals – the more the merrier – very excited for Riot Fest.


(Aaah!RealMonsters ‘Don’t Stop’ Album Cover)




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