An Interview With Jordan Jae

With having released a number of covers on Youtube and her single/music video for an original song titled ‘Said No One Ever’, I caught up with teen singer Jordan Jae where we talk about working with producers Kinetics and One Love, Youtube covers, her latest single and much more!

Read the full interview below.

JAE-graffitti (med)

Introduce yourself and tell us if you could live someone else’s life, who would that be and why?

Hi! I’m Jordan JAE, a 15-year-old singer songwriter from New York City. If I could live someone else’s life it would be Taylor Swift because she was discovered for her talent at a very young age. She has amazing lyrics, plays the guitar and has a great fan-base. Also, she seems really nice, down to earth and is an unbelievable performer!

Being a young artist in the industry, is there any musician/s you look up to and think ‘I want to be where they are in a number of years’? If so, who are they?

In addition to Taylor Swift, I definitely look up to Ed Sheeran! His lyrics are amazing! He is so real and his lyrics don’t bend to trends or conform to anyone else’s ideas. I can hear such emotion from his voice as if he is speaking directly to me. I hope someone listens to me and feels what I feel when I listen to Ed Sheeran!

What is one thing that you have ticked off your list of achievements that you thought you would not have done so early on in your career?

Ever since I was little, I have always dreamed of a music career. I have been singing since I was born and knew that I would never give up. The fact that I was able to release my first original single on YouTube and iTunes at the age of 13 years old that I wrote with two unbelievably talented Grammy nominated artists is unreal!

At the moment my single, “Said No One Ever” has 80,000 views on YouTube. I love singing cover songs but my goal has always been to release my own music and see how people react to my songs. I am still always shocked by all the nice responses I have received. I have another single being released on August 18th and I hope you all like it! Your support means the world to me!!!

For anyone who doesn’t know you personally, what 3 words do you think sum up you as a person?

Funny, Dedicated, and Thoughtful

How was it working with the producers Kinetics & One Love on your debut single “Said No One Ever”, as they have worked with artists such as Eminem and B.O.B?

It was so much fun! Working with them was an amazing experience. They are really cool and relaxed guys and we had a great time at our session together. We were all so psyched about, “Said No One Ever”, that we wrote and recorded in that first 5 hour long session. They’re awesome guys and I’m so lucky to have gotten to work with them as well as get to know them.

What was the thought process like when it came to choosing what song to cover as you decided on covering Ed Sheeran’s “All of the Stars”?

I really love Ed Sheeran, which definitely factored into my decision to cover “All of the Stars”. Also, I read The Fault in Our Stars last summer and was so excited about the movie! Once I heard the soundtrack I instantly fell in love with “All of the Stars”. The lyrics really spoke to me and I felt as though I could put some of my own emotion into this song. I was so happy with this cover and am overjoyed to see people’s positive reaction and comments on my YouTube channel.

If you could do a collaboration with anyone of your favourite artists, who would it be and why?

Either Ed Sheeran or Avril Lavigne. The reason I love Ed so much is because I’m a lyricist and Avril because she is one of the main reasons I started music in the first place. When I was little my best friend and I were obsessed with Avril Lavigne! Her concert was the first one that I ever attended and she was my first idol in the music world! She is insanely talented! Collaborating on a song with Avril Lavigne and Ed Sheeran could be really cool!

What is one interview question that you wish you were asked that no one has ever asked?

I wish someone would ask me why I sing or why I songwrite.

What does a typical day in the life of Jordan Jae include?

Writing music, vocalising, playing piano and guitar, going to school, studying, drinking lots and lots of tea, working out, eating, sleeping, more eating, breathing on occasion, pretty much the norm haha.

If you had to delete your videos on YouTube and could only keep one video to sum up your music style, what cover would you keep?

If I had to only keep up one cover I would choose “All of the Stars,” because I love the way I sang this song. I feel that you can hear my emotion behind these lyrics. An added bonus is that I love Ed Sheeran and the book and movie “The Fault in Our Stars”.

What was the first concert that you went to?

Avril LavigneJ!

Apart from people listening to your music of course, are there any bands/artists that you would recommend people to check out or musicians you feel deserve more recognition?

I would definitely recommend listening to Elton John who many people my age immediately write off as old. I would also recommend listening to Mayday Parade, Parachute, and Stages and Stereos (who are really cool guys by the way!)

How is the music scene like in New York?

It’s amazing! Everywhere you go there is almost always music playing. So many aspiring musicians are in New York and it’s truly unbelievable how much talent there is!

Where can people go to check out your music or anything about you?

Instagram: @jordanjaemusic

Facebook: JAE

Twitter: @jordanjaemusic


Any final words for your fans?

I love you all! Thanks so much for supporting me and follow your dreams!


Jordan JAE!


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