Watch: Syd Youth- “Mess Around”

Check out Syd Youth‘s latest music video for their debut single “Mess Around”. The group formed in 2013 so here is a new music coming your way! What seperates them from the rest is that they are an all female EDM pop group, consisting of members: Tessa Stone, Ashley Schultz and Sheela Awe.

As you know in a band/group, each member brings their own unique style/sound to the table and this is what is depicted with Syd Youth. But together, they form a powerful unit; both visually and vocally.Listening to them provides a little bit of something for everyone, including a musiture of singing,  rapping, dancing and live instruments. We can only imagine at the moment what their live shows will consist of!

They worked with producer Peter Stengaard (Pussycat Dolls, Ariana Grande) on their first single “Mess Around”. Soon after, their second single “JIMI” was released which is now available on iTunes.

Syd Youth are currently signed with Rebel Lane and recently performed at the KISSFM Picnic In the Park Pre-Party alongside other talent artists for the opening of the One Direction concert held at the Rose Bowl.

To find out more about Syd Youth and to keep up to date with their future plans, check out the links below

Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website


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