Starling Glow Premieres New Single “Ignite”

Starling Glow have recently released their brand new single titled “Ignite” via Trailblaze Music Group. Their self titled debut album is set for release early next year. The band take influence from artists ranging from Paramore to Kelly Clarkson. For example, take a listen to their track “We Are Infinite” were being influenced by Kelly Clarkson became quite apparent.

With that being said, “Ignite” shows off the vocals of front-woman Liz Anne Hill that will sure to set the band apart from other female fronted bands. Below is what Liz had to say about the track in a recent interview with FUSE.

I wrote this song for the underdog – for anyone who has been pushed to their absolute breaking point, only to fight through it and come out stronger in the end.


A number of songs from Starling Glow for their debut album were written from past experiences, topics such as relationships. With a mixture of different genres, there is definitely something for everyone on this album.

“We Are Infinite”- David Aude remix reached the top 20 on the Billboard Dance Club Chart in just a short time after it premiered.

To find out more about Starling Glow and future plans, follow the links below:

Website // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // Total Assault


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