Syd Youth Announces Partnership with CSI globalVCard

Syd Youth have announced a partnership with CSI globalVcard’s and their latest payment innovation, Spend Secure. This means that the group relies on globalVCard mobile payments to keep their business payments secure.

The two bodies have teamed up to in order to capture real life moments on video, hoping to show how globalVCard impacts the business side of the group’s day-to-day activities.

As they are planning their first tour, globalVCard will be to give a helping hand as assist them when it comes to purchasing equipment, rent studio space, book hair and makeup appointments, and pay for travel reservations. Here’s what Tess Stone had to say about the card, “Using the globalVCard helps us to streamline the business side and gives us peace of mind that our payments are secure. All these things really help take the pressure off on the business side so we can focus on doing exactly what it is we love to do.”

The combination of mixed media, including TV, internet & radio will form the advertising campaign for Syd Youth and globalVCard.

Syd Youth are: Tess Stone, Ashley Schultz and Sheela Awe. Setting them apart from other group in the industry, they incorporate a mix of singing, rapping, dancing and live instruments.

Learn more about Spend Secure here or on the company’s corporate website here.

To find out more about Syd Youth and to keep up to date with their future plans, check out the links below

Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // Website



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