Interview With Alejandro Fernandez Holt

‘Christmas Time’ is the debut release from Alejandro Fernandez Holt. In it Holt unfolds a story of rekindling a romance just in time for Christmas. Alejandro is long recognised as the most memorable contestant on 2013’s X Factor, as his cover of Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Hero’ has received over six million views on YouTube and became a fan favourite on the ITV’s flagship show.

You’re set to release you Christmas single titled ‘Christmas Time’. What can we expect before its release?

I’ve been using my Facebook and Twitter pages, giving some interviews and doing what I can to raise awareness of the release.

When writing the single, did you listen to Christmas songs for inspiration or found the inspiration from a personal experience?

I did not write the song, I was able to draw from personal experiences when recording the song to get across its feeling and emotion which are at the front of this track. I also worked with the guys on the last chorus to make it a big and happy Christmassy sound.

With Christmas on its way, what are you looking forward to?

I’m just looking forward to having a fun time over Christmas with family and catching up with friends since I’ve been away at Uni.

What are your favourite parts of the festive season?

Like most people I guess, being with my family on Christmas morning unwrapping our presents by the tree is a favourite time. I also love having fun when it snows – snowball fights, long walks over the fields, building a snowman – it brings out the child in me.

Have you got any New Year resolutions, which could relate to your musical career or life in general?

Since X Factor, I’ve been working on a lot of different projects including being in a boy band, writing a song with one of the 1D producers and loads more stuff, but the opportunity to record Christmas Time (and other tracks I am now working on with my songwriter) has given me resolve and focus on what I want really want to do, which is to be a successful performing and recording singer.

Since being on the X Factor, is there anything you have learnt that you have applied to your music now?

One of the important things is to keep your voice trained. I was a bit pitchy at times during X Factor but that has now improved a lot.

Has the support from family/friends differed since being on the show?

I am very lucky that my parents fully support my ambitions as a singer. My friends also give me lots of encouragement saying I’ve got what it takes to succeed which is important to hear.

What was your view on the show before entering? Was it what you expected?

I hadn’t appreciated before the show how intense it was going to be. Practising and performing was manic at times, but you make friends with some of the contestants and talk about how it’s going which helps a lot. I am still in contact with several of them.

As well as music, you are also known to be an avid supporter of the Great Ormond Street Hospital. If you were to incorporate both philanthropy and music in one, how would you go about it?

There are so many needy causes out there it’s difficult to know how to help them. I want to always keep aside part of my time to help fund raising and do some appearances at charitable events where this gives enjoyment.

What albums remind you of your high school experiences?

Probably something like James Blunt – sitting round the campfire sort of stuff.

If you could listen to one album continuously that you thing you would gain influence in, what would that album be and why?

Clean Bandit – “New Eyes”. I chose this because I love the way they use different styles of music in a song and equipment and instruments different to another band. I like it that each of their songs tells its own story – they are a big inspiration for me.

What does a typical day for Alejandro consist of?

Every day is different. Getting up for 9.00am lectures, coffee with friends, making dinner, partying, catching on zzzzz’s. Other days it’s long recording sessions in the studio, photo-shoots, making a video, planning meetings with my manager.

Was there any advice that was given to you that has remained since; whether that was towards music or life in general?

It sounds clichéd, but if you don’t try you can’t succeed. The hard part is keeping the energy going when a door closes.

Any final words for your fans?

A big thank you of course for the support from all my fans and I hope to give you a lot more in the New Year. I am already working on some original new songs for an album.

Plans for the rest of 2014? Promoting Christmas Time and buying presents.

For anyone who wants to check out more of your music and future plans, where can they go?

I’m on Facebook and Twitter and will be posting messages about my music and plans for 2015 – watch this space. There is more music on YouTube and you can also check out my Instagram.


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