Diana Espir Premiers Debut Single “Tomboy” Feat. Nelly

Diana Espir, a former contestant on The Voice in France has premiered her debut single titled “Tomboy” on PopCrush. Along with this, she has also premiered a lyric video accompanying the single. You can watch the music video below. You can purchase the track on iTunes now here.

“Tomboy” features Grammy award-winning rapper Nelly and was produced by Uriel “Frenchie” Kadouch. “It’s a playful song about a girl who likes to have a plain old good time hanging out in cars with her homeboys… it’s about me realizing that sometimes I’d rather have fun around boys.”

Here’s what PopCrush had to say about her latest single- “There’s nothing we love more than a singer who radiates self-confidence – and that’s exactly what Diana Espir does in her new song “Tomboy.”

At the age of 15, Diana made her debut with “Je dessine mon destin” (“I Design My Own Destiny”).“My music was geared towards a younger audience,” says Diana, who, at the time, appropriately specialized in teen-oriented fare. “What I’m doing now takes my music to the next level.” While living in Paris, Diana has a number of projects lineup. Projects such as having her voice-over dubbed from commercials to popular TV shows into french. 

There are many ways in which Diana chooses to showcase her creativity, however she says “singing is my favorite thing to do, and it’s going to be what I’m doing until I can’t do it anymore.”


To keep up to date with Diana’s music and her future plans, follow the links below:

Website // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube


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