Vans Warped Tour Pit Reporter: Tori Kravitz (My Thoughts)

Heading into the new year with just a few hours to spare, I thought I would give you a quick update in terms of something music related, as always.

Brought to you this time is one out of many Vans Warped Tour Pit Reporter applications that I have seen on YouTube. If you aren’t too familiar with this, here’s a heads up! A large number of people, from whatever background record and upload a video of them stating why they would be the best out of the rest to be Vans Warped Tour’s official pit reporter for the whole tour. If given the job, this would require speaking to fans/bands, representatives of the non profit organizations located around the site and all in all keep us music fans up to date as Warped Tour goes on throughout the summer. Sounds pretty cool really and for anyone who has attended this festival in particular, this is probably the dream job as not everyone can say they have done this.

From the title, I’ll be filling you in on one of my favourite video applications for the position mentioned above. The applicant goes by the name of Tori Kravitz who runs a YouTube channel called Rock Forever Magazine. A regular viewer of this channel in order to find out the latest news in the form of interviews with a large number of my favourite artists. With having interviewed the likes of Metro Station, Issues and Pierce The Veil while on tours in the states, we are sure to rely on Tori to delve into more of an insight in terms of the artists musically and also rather than make is a Q&A, making them feel at ease and just like an ordinary conversation!

Going back to the video, is it pretty evident that Tori is not putting on an act or being false just for the video which lasts around a minute. It’s a pretty concise and laid back video which includes all the relevant information which puts out to us she would be a good candidate for the position. From having watched other videos on her channel from Vlogs to Interviews, how she is in this video is how I believe she is as a person! Not knowing her personally, so this is just my opinion. Determined, passionate and enthusiastic are three words that I will use to describe Tori and are considered good traits in landing herself with this job.

Check out Tori’s video below, be sure to subscribe to her channel for the latest interviews and if you haven’t done so already. Be sure to spread the word of this video and any others applicants you would like to see become the 2015 Warped Tour Pit Reporter! Closing date for the submission is the 9th of January 2015 and a full list of details can be found here if you are interested in applying.


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