Bradley Simpson: GQ’s Worst Dressed Men In Britain 2015

Recently revealed is the long awaited list of best/worst dressed celebrities by GQ  Magazine. Making it to the top spot of the best dressed list is Hollywood star Eddie Redmayne, known for movies such as Les Misérables and The Theory Of Everything.

Unfairly filling sixth place on the Worst Dress Men In Britain 2015 according to GQ is Bradley Simpson (The Vamps). For someone of his age, I’d like to say he is a pretty stylish guy. His style is generally casual and both smart-casual when needs to be. Who doesn’t like a denim jacket and skinny jeans?! GQ described Brad’s style as “the office nerd going to a work fancy dress party”, making him look “like the poor man’s Harry Styles”. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure on the voting system for this, but nothing should be taken to heart. To me, Brad’s style is on point and if I had it my way he’d most definitely be on the best dressed list!

Taking a look at the list, Brad’s position looks as if he is worst dressed than Alex Song (Footballer) but just one off from being in 5th place where Bobbie Norris (TOWIE) stands. Let’s look on the bright side as making it onto the best dressed list are just a number of a few celebrities such as Idris Elbar, Nick Grimshaw, Dermort O’Leary and David Bowie.






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