Interview With Wolf & Johnny Of Ivory Deville

Before the new year, I interviewed the band Ivory Deville for Altsounds where they discussed the best/worst christmas gift ever recieved, possible name the band could have been called, musical influences & more. You can read the full interview below.

Altsounds: What’s the music scene like in Los Angeles?

Wolf: Depends on what part of the city of angels you are venturing to. For hip and trendy Salsa music, I’ve found that echo park has a great selection on Tuesdays.

Altsounds: Before coming up with the name of the band, what other names could the band have been called?

Wolf: Well before the incarnation of Ivory Deville, we had some grand gems. One we had considered was “Jesus Eagle and the Electric Camera”, but with the honky tonk flare we have in our jams, this wouldn’t jive. “Fathers Feathers” was one that our pastor at the local Boys youth group suggested, but we opted out.

Altsounds: How has the reception been so far from the single “White Lights”?

Wolf: Very bright and white

Altsounds: With your debut self-titled EP set for release on the 9th December, what can people expect before it is available?

Wolf: People can expect turkey day and a lot more sunshine in socal.

WATCH | Ivory Deville – ‘Shaker’ (Live)

Altsounds: How would you say Ivory Deville differ from other bands in the same genre?

Wolf: We can make a mean chilli with a kick that your grandma would die for!

Altsounds: As a band, what are your 3 top tips for when it comes to being on the road?

Wolf: Clean socks, Wetnaps, little Caesars.

Altsounds: What artists do you feel had an influence on your music that people would be surprised to find out?

Wolf: I know for me I am a big fan of African Jazz and a mix of old and new styles of haircuts.

Altsounds: If you could listen to one album continuously for inspiration for future records, what album would that be?

Wolf: Space noise.

Altsounds: Biggest achievements as a band so far?

Wolf: That we are still a band in this ever changing musical landscape.

WATCH | Ivory Deville – ‘Drainpipe’ (Live)

Altsounds: With Christmas on its way, what has been your best/worst gifts that you ever received? 

ohnny: Oh for me, you can’t beat the Ghostbusters proton pack. I was excited as hell. It was only a hunk of hard plastic with stickers and a yellow foam noodle that was supposed to be the proton stream, but I was ready to do some bustin. I never really expected much, or felt like I was owed any gifts, so I don’t recall getting anything I considered “bad.”  Though I’m sure at some point I took some dumb shit back and exchanged it for something cooler.

Altsounds: What artists do you regret not getting a ticket to see when they toured the US?

Johnny: A recent fail of mine was missing Sturgill Simpson.

Altsounds: Before starting the band, what were your initial goals?

Johnny: To make songs that were easy to play drunk.

Altsounds: Plans for the rest of 2014? 

Wolf: Soak my feet in salt and call it a year.

Altsounds: For anyone who wants to check out more about the band, where can they go?

Wolf: , Facebook, Twitter or type IVORY DEVILLE  in google.


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