Disposable Diaries

I’ve been trying to come up with ideas/projects to broaden my interest in music journalism, build by portfolio and also to produce something different which will benefit Altsounds. I’m all for writing live reviews/album reviews and so on but this is definitely something new for me and also the musicians involved. A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing through the Urban Outfitters website in search of new reading material as the books listed are generally media/art/music/lifestyle books which I absolutely love!

I came across the book “Behind Closed Doors” by Rob Meyers. The concept of this book was for the readers to gain an insight into the homes of some of the world’s most interesting people (in his opinion). To do this, Rob sent out a number of disposable cameras to musicians ect in order to achieve this, with the exception of one rule- they must take some photos of what’s in their fridge! Weird? maybe but it definitely isn’t something we see all the time.


This had given me an idea! Using the book as a source of inspiration, I wanted to keep it strictly to musicians as this was going to be featured on Altsounds, which is a music website so seems appropriate. Maybe once this kicks off, possibly will look into people who work in the industry but not necessarily musicians themselves. As this is new, I decided if I wanted to put this to action, starting off with UK bands would be a better option and then mixing international bands too as the months went on. Saying this, I have already heard back from a US band with interest. If touring the UK then it is presumably better.

  • Came up with a list of bands to reach out to
  • Drafted the email including the purpose of this new feature and so on
  • Sent email/s + waited for response/s

Bearing in mind, I only sent out let’s say 4 emails so to get 2 replies back was great, especially with such enthusiasm from the bands/PR. This is what we like! The cameras were sent out by myself and now all we can do it wait & expect the best.

For now, I’ll keep this a secret as to the bands participating but a clue- two UK bands and 1 US band! They’ll be revealed soon enough. As I mentioned before, this is a completely new idea for Altsounds and I’m happy to be kicking it off with bands that I believe will provide us with awesome content. We’ll also be looking for recommendations in the future of who you would like to see be part of the “disposable diaries” feature. So far, that is the name but it could all change. I’ll keep you updated with this over the coming weeks/months.

Until next time…


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