Kurt Cobain’s Credit Card for sale

It has recently been announced that the credit card belonging to the late and great Kurt Cobain is up for auction, indeed meaning it will eventually be in the hands of a true Nirvana superfan. The card is as shown below. Some of us may be thinking “What’s the point?”. Pretty much the sentimental value I’m going to say. And no, there is not money on it! In fact, the card expired in 1995, nearly a year after his passing.

Paddle8 is the auctioneer of the card and so far the curent bid stands at $7,100. According to Rolling Stone, not just Cobain’s credit card is set for auction. Other items include “rare photographs of the Doors, Jim Morrison, Bruce Springsteen, Jimi Hendrix, the Who, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Sinatra, as well as a poster advertising Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

Additionally, today (20th February) is the birthday of Kurt Cobain. A huge happy birthday and we all wish he could be here with us. He is/will surely be missed but we cannot look past the amazing music and stories that Nirvana has given us over the years. He is an inspiration to many. “Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

You can buy Kurt Cobain’s credit card at auction

Watch: Nirvana: “Polly” Unplugged


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