Life Lessons With Johnny Depp (NUBI Magazine)

As my first article for NUBI Mag, what came to mind was producing something which I am 1) Interested in (logical) and 2) something that was different from other articles on the site. Tick for both of them! So, what better to write about than the wonderful Johnny Depp.

When it comes to Johnny Depp, there are a lot of things to say but I narrowed it down and went with the 5 quotes from himself that can be applied to our lives in general, especially when it comes to individuality and creative minds. You can read the article below.

With deadlines of every article being on sundays, I’ve got another article idea sorted- Summer playlist. Fitting to the appropriate season obviously and still relating to the music theme. NUBI allows for a wide range of media articles to be written- music // fashion // entertainment// gaming and so on. Hoping to get round to writing something related to one of my favourite shows, Pretty Little Liars, which is the only show I’ve caught up with so far (slacking on that front as well).

As always, I venture off the initial topic so bringing it back to Mr Depp himself, take a look at the article and maybe suggest what I should write about next!

WATCH // Top 10 Johnny Depp Performances


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