We Came As Romans Announce New Album Details

We Came As Romans have announced the release date of their highly anticipated upcoming self-titled album, made available on July 24th 2015, via Spinefarm Records. Below, you can take a look at the album artwork, track-list and their brand new single, ‘The World I Used To Know’. Pre-order the album here.

“The World I Used To Know” will be offered as an instant track when pre-ordered digitally from iTunes.

The band explains the new song by stating, “When we were younger, we had a youthful spirit that made us less fearful of the changing world around us. Even though we’ve lost that and are now more aware of the negativity in the world, we need to remember those days and view the world with a hopeful spirit.”

WCAR worked with producer David Bendeth, who has worked with the likes of Bring Me The Horizon, Paramore and Of Mice & Men. This is what vocalist Dave Stephens had to say about the album:

Stream ‘The World I Used To Know’ below-


We Came As Romans – Track-listing

  1. Regenerate
  2. Who Will Pray?
  3. The World I Used To Know
  4. Memories
  5. Tear It Down
  6. Blur
  7. Savior Of The Week
  8. Flatline
  9. Defiance
  10. 12:30

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