Cadbury 4D Experience Review

(Photo taken by myself at the event)

With being one of the largest family attractions in the UK, family favourite Cadbury World, located in Bourneville just outside of Birmingham have launched a new experience titled “Cadbury’s 4D Chocolate adventure zone” added to the already extensive tour. The tour consists of 14 zones, all of which visitors can learn about the history, magic and the making of Cadbury’s chocolate. The new zone opened to the general public on the 20th June 2014.

“What’s so special about Cadbury’s 4D experience?” I hear you say. THE 4D zone invites visitors to an interactive cinema experience that will take you on a wondrous adventure, allowing you to feel the sense of diving into a pot of melting chocolate while riding on a Crunchie rollercoaster and take off through the skies in a Creme egg plane flown none other than the one and only caramel bunny.

The interactive sector allows families to create their own futuristic chocolate bar with options such as invisibility and glow in the dark. Also included are games titled “Chocolate Tracing” and “Joy-O-Meter”. Following on from this, you are then able to venture on to the renowned Cadbury’s tour where the story of Cadbury is revealed, take a ride on the Cadabra ride and as well as all that, you get to meet the famous drum playing gorilla!

When venturing further into the tour, visitors are able to witness products made by the factory for events such as the birth of Prince George, where there was a cot made out of chocolate. Another part of the tour that believed to be enjoyed by many is being treated to your own cup of warm Cadbury’s dairy milk chocolate with a choice of your own toppings ranging from shortcake biscuit to marshmallows!

General Manager of Cadbury’s Gerrard Baldwin stated in a recent interview that he would sum up the 4D experience overall as “An exciting attraction that’s educational, gives an insight into chocolate manufactures and gives an insight into Cadbury’s history and heritage.” The full interview can be seen here on the Bourneville Blog, along with a set of photos.

Overall the 4D Cadbury’s adventure was a great part of the experience. It definitely enables a different sense of interaction than already portrayed. 100% recommend for anyone to give this a go as this is yet another goal that Cadbury can tick off their list of achievements. As the tour normally lasts 3 hours, this is absolutely a great way for the whole family to spend the day; whatever the time of year.



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