Live Review// The Big Cheese Tour @ O2 Academy 3, Birmingham

October 15th 2014

With having played at various festivals across the UK, including Reading & Leeds and Slam Dunk to name a few and the rest of the world, Yorkshire rockers Marmozets were all set for announcing their co headline UK tour with Lonely The Brave, with support from Allusondrugs. The tour was presented to us here in the UK by Big Cheese Magazine, which we proudly thank them for.

A number of dates were sold out including the Birmingham date which was held at the O2 Academy 3, holding a capacity of 250 people. First on stage were Allusondrugs. Now it’s probably best to get this out of the way and undoubtedly has been mentioned a number of times, nevertheless lead singer Jason Moules of Allusondrugs bared a very close resemblance to Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain; which in itself made it all the better in terms of stage performance. With having released their debut EP in July, it has to be said that if only it was that easy to remember what we are taught like it is to learn the lyrics of songs. The crowd were all up for a good time which included singing back a number of tracks. The stage presence of the band generally resemble the reaction of the crowd which was clearly depicted throughout the show. One stage, it was quite calm compared to the antics of Marmozets. The band performed tracks including ‘Nervous’ and ‘I’m Your Man’ which were definitely the crowd pleasers from their performance.

For any opening band, it may seem quite difficult to get the crowd going for whatever reason but that wasn’t the case for Allusondrugs as apart from forgetting where they were playing, (luckily the crowd saw the funny side), they made up for it with crowd interaction and their overall personalities. Ending their set with ‘Cherry Pie’, up next were Lonely the Brave.

Lonely The Brave released their album The Day’s War not so long before this tour so when it came to the crowd singing back the songs, as an audience member and no doubt for the band was a good sign and also made their performance what it was, memorable. Kicking off their set with ‘Call of Horses’, vocalist David Jakes’ stage presence was very relaxed while performing. Also facing sideways for the majority of the performance was different, but nothing unusual. Followed by ‘Victory Line’ which was definitely one of the crowd pleasers from their set. It seemed the songs that everyone was looking forward to hearing live were ‘The Blue, The Green’, which is a pretty emotional song; both lyrics and the video itself. There was so much emotion put into performing the track, not to say that this wasn’t emitted throughout their set. As ‘The Blue, The Green’ was what the majority of the crowd were singing along to and a huge round of applause/cheers at the end was a giveaway to being one of their best performances of their set. ‘Backroads’ was the song which brought LTB set to an end.

Last but not least were Marmozets to take the stage. They definitely knew how to make us forget that it was nearing the end of the tour, plus that they were the last band of the night. With having released their debut album The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets at the end of September the band performed a large number of tracks from said album including ‘Born Young and Free’ which they opened with. Since seeing them live in 2012, it is great to see how far they have come in just 2 years: played festivals such as Warped Tour and Reading and Leeds, released an album and are now on tour with Issues on the US. There was no one in the room who was stood still through their set, if that was the case, they must have been in the wrong room. There was so much energy from the band which was emitted to the audience. Next was ‘Is It Horrible’, which got the crowd singing back the chorus as vocalist Becca Macintyre held the microphone to the audience. Changing pace just ever so slightly was ‘Captivate You’, which on the album was a slower number compared to ‘Move shake and hide’.

No show would be complete without a stage dive from the band, which is what was done by Becca and Sam (Guitarist/vocals) during ‘Vibetetch’. What more could we have asked for. Watching Marmozets live can be said to be “just a show” but for a lot of people it may be an experience; one which they may not have been part of for a while or at all.



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