Album Review // Decade- ‘Good Luck’

Album review done in 2014 for Altsounds.

Decade released their debut album Good Luck yesterday. From such a short space of time, the band have received positive feedback which would leave any band reflecting at how they turned their dreams into a reality. They are also set to tour with Mayday Parade, which for a band just being introduced as part of the music family is a pretty big deal.

Having toured with the likes of Don Broco and Tonight Alive on their UK tour, from then on this band were definitely one to look out for. Good Luck incorporates catchy riffs, memorable lyrics and all around pure talent from the guys of decade. If this is anything to go by, 2014 is set to be another great year for music!

The first is the title track ‘Good Luck’. From listening to the album, it seems as though decade do not need any luck with this album as it definitely sets a bar for the upcoming albums of this year. ‘Good Luck’ instantly depicts what Decade are all about; consitancy, anthemic riffs and unforgettable lyrics. Songs like ‘Brainfreeze’ and ‘British Weather’ show the versatility of the band as they go down more of a pop punk sort of route. With both consisting of catchy choruses and a pure essesnce of pop punk, these two songs are sure to be stuck in your head. Not at the same time though.

With some albums, the first couple of songs does not get the attention of the listener straight away so this makes it easier for people to judge. But this is not something that occurs when listening to this album. ‘I Don’t Care’ definitely shows the rebellious side of the band in a way with lyrics ‘sometimes I wish I didnt care about anything or anyone’.

Tracks like ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Homebound’ give us an indication that the band are full of inspiring ideas. Overall, the album shows us there’s nothing stale here… in fact, this is probably one of the best debut out there.

Prepare to get your lighters up for the final song, as the album ends with the chilled out ‘Fake Teeth’. The soothing guitar riff chugging along in the background allows frontman Alex Sears to shine on the vocals, who gives a very strong account of himself throughout this album, and it’s a voice that’ll soon make Decade instantly recognisable, which is no easy feat with so many British bands flying the flag right now.

It’s a shame that this album is only 30 minutes long – once the album finishes it leaves you wanting more, but hey, we can’t get too greedy now can we? Decade are going to explode once this album drops in a couple of weeks…Britain meet your favourite new band!


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