What’s ACTUALLY in my bag// Photo Edition

In the world of Youtube and social media altogether, no doubt will many of you have seen the ‘What’s in my bag’ tag that was circling around the web a couple of years back I think. But now a slight twist on it is what is ACTUALLY in your bag- not just the things that you want people to think is situated in the depths of the bag.

So I have been watching a number of these tags including Zoe LDN and Sophie Eggleton‘s videos where they, as the title says show us what they have in their bags! It’s always funny to see this becuase no matter the size of the bag, there is always something that you just can’t explain as to why that item is still in there! Plus it’s always a surprise to find something that you have been searching for for a while, only to find out it wasn’t as far as you think. I put another spin on it and decided to do a photo edition of the tag. Let’s take a look at the photos and I’ll explain!

20150716_105703_HDRThe essential bus pass and keys. Without the bus pass, I’d be paying extra to get onto the bus. But saying that, I only use it to get into town. Used it more when I was going to uni, but since the holidays not so much. And of course keys to get in and house of the house. It helps as this way your parents don’t question why you don’t have your own set of keys on you (or they assume that you’ve lost them). As you can see, the only keyring I have on there is the 5 Seconds Of Summer logo.

20150716_130645_HDRHand Sanitizer. Not even only for the winter where pretty much everyone seems to have a cold, but just for general hygiene reasons. Public transport is the place where this is needed. People equals germs, which means more likely to develop a cold. This is just to slow down/help prevent this. Additionally, it smells awesome too! 60p from PRIMARK.

20150716_105917_HDRChewing Gum. It’s always in there! Half way through the packet. You know when you have gum and them everyone becomes your best friend as they all want some? Well that’s what happens! Not much I can say about this really. I think I’d be more surprised if this wasn’t in there.

20150716_105826_HDRNecklaces & 1 hair band. If I can remember correctly, I was sorting out my necklaces before I was going to see Young Guns in Wolverhampton. Probably running late, I threw one on and the ones I was contemplating to wear went straight into my bag. Now there are tangled- until I decide to wear these ones in particular, then they’ll probably stay like this for a while.

The hair tye comes in handy all the time, especially in windy conditions. The weather is so unpredictable in the UK so that day your hair is ‘perfect’ and up to your standard is the day the weather is against you.

20150716_105335_HDR Chargers. Technically these aren’t in my bag when I leave the house, but only put them in as I needed them for the day, of which I was at home. Sometimes if I forget they are in my bag, I carry them around without any knowledge. At uni, chargers come in very handy as there are plug sockets situated pretty much everywhere so a quick re-charge of the phone and/or Ipod is best all around!

20150716_105427_HDR Ipod. Ah leaving the house without these, knowing that you need too take public transport is the worst. That’s why I make sure I have them with me at all times. I don’t have any music on my phone, so without it I would be stuck. No doubt will I be stressing myself out for now reason, becoming paranoid as the sense of reality becomes apparent without music. Listening to: ‘Pinnacale’ by Blitz Kids.

20150716_105500_HDRVicks: VapoRub. I recently had a cold so this was my trusted item. But now that that’s gone, I don’t know why I still have this in my bag. Actually, I think I have it in there because if it is anywhere else, I know I will lose it. As I get older, I do believe I look after things more and like everything organised, in places where I know I can go and know it is there. Hopefully I won’t be needing this for a while.

20150716_105528_HDRPens. Why I have a blue marker pen I have no idea. But you never know when you need a pen, especially sometimes when I have to go to the bank and there are no pens left to us I always feel prepared when I carry my own.


Lip care products. Please tell me why I have so many of these in my bag?! The one I would recommend out of them all is Carmex: Moisturing Lip Balm as it does what it says. Moisturise. You know you get those products that claim to do just that but in fact don’t do much/anything, other than just sit there? So annoying but I’m happy with these products. Oh along with Barry M’s ‘Cor Balmy’ lip tint which moisurises along with adding a tint of colour. It is quite pigmented which is nice and the colour is perfect!

20150716_105602_HDRRubbish. Oh dear. I wanted to show you what was actually in my bag so there you are! Literally a whole load of rubbish from sweets. Not much to be said other than I don’t think I could be bothered to put them in the bin- but they are in the bin as of now so it’s all good!

20150716_105315_HDRPurse. I could have went for the option of dumping all of the little money I have, but with the newly organised me, it is neatly located within this purse. It’s pretty old as I have had it for a number of years and just haven’t got round to buying a new one. It does it’s job so I don’t mind being with this one for a couple of months. Brought from PRIMARK.

20150716_105630_HDRYoung Guns Dog Tag Necklace. Yet to be worn but I love it all the same. I ordered this along with Young Guns’ album ‘Ones & Zeros’ when it was last month when it was made available for pre-order. Oh how I love this band! The lyrics on the necklace is from their track ‘Infinity’. ‘It’s you and me, from tonight to infinity’. If you haven’t checked out their latest album, be sure to do so!


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