Woops! That Was Awkward- Cara Delevingne Interview

Good Day Sacramento interviews Cara Delevinge

I’m no pro when it comes to interviews, but it really does not take a genius to take into account just three basic tips. Firstly, do your research. At least get their name write. By calling someone ‘Carla’, which name it isn’t sets the whole interview into nothing but bad blood. You see what I did there! No matter how famous a person may be or however much you think you know about them already, it doesn’t hurt to take to the internet for a bit of guidance; especially for a new movie.


(If those facial expression doesn’t paint the picture, then I don’t know what does)

Secondly, just listen! Being a journalist means wanting to get information out of the interviewee in order to fulfil the “informative” aspect of the job and to get new information out there to people who are interested. And lastly, certainly show respect. It literally goes without saying, “Treat people how you wat to be treated”. It really does apply to everyday life. Even after the final question to Cara, the reporters were talking about how the interview went amongst themselves- pretty much about the way Cara answered their questions and of course you could see/feel the awkwardness on all ends!

If you haven’t watched the interview yet, take a look at it below.



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