Purchased // Bio Oil Specialist Skin Care

It’s riduclous the amount of time and money that goes into finding essentially ‘the best product/s’ that claim to help certain aspects of our appearance that we hope to perfect or at least reach the standard of self satisfaction. It always comes down to reading reviews or watching other people’s journey of using certain products, which for us hopefully guides us into the decision of whether or not to make this purchase.

It’s taken some consideration to actually bring myself to get this item that I will be talking about and as always, I’m pretty late to the “skin care party” as money is what will be going towards it 100% but whether it actually says what it does on the box/tin is a whole other story. Bio Oil. I’ve heard mixed opinions on this product overall but mostly positive. What it claims to do is improve the appearance of scars (old and new), stretch marks, uneven skin tone, dehydrated skin and ageing skin. Depending on where you buy it, the price varies. I got it for £6 from Asda (60ml) so that wasn’t too bad considering I’ve seen it for more online. It also depends on the size of the bottle you get as well.

This is the first day I am trying it out so fingers crossed over the next few days/weeks/months I will be able to notice some significant chance to the acne scars. You know I always wish I could tell my teenage self, back when I was around 16 not to worry about getting rid of spots the second they appear; thinking that that is the best thing at the time isn’t necessarily beneficial later on. So until further improvement, there’s not much else to add other than I really hope this is money well spent!


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