Highlight Magazine x Life In Film (Q&A)

Life in Film are on the cusp of something great. The pop outfit based out of the United Kingdom have something to say and aren’t going quietly. Recently, the group sat down with us to chat about the past and future, and what makes Life In Film, well, Life In Film.

How has the response so far with the release of the brand new album ‘Here It Comes’?

It’s been really positive. It’s nice to play songs that we hadn’t played before and see people singing along as they have obviously got the album now. Twitter is a good indicator of how people are feeling and so far we’ve had only nice comments from people….we have nice fans!

As a band, what were your initial goals?

We’ve never been very good at setting goals or targets as they can sometimes get in the way of how a song develops. But in a broader sense we’ve always just wanted get the album out and try and visit as many places as possible while pretending that this is a really hard job!

You toured with The Wombats last month. What did you learn from that tour that you can apply to future shows?

Don’t lose your phone in Portland, always have your ID with you, and find out which cities have Über.

Before touring in the States, what were your expectations and reality for your live shows?

As we had never been to the states before we didn’t know how the crowd would react or if anyone would know who we were. But the reaction was so positive everyone seemed to get it straight away and we ended up making a lot of friends and fans. For us it was great to play some songs off the album that we don’t usually play, like ‘Forest Fire’ and ‘Anna’, ‘Please Don’t Go’, and also great to see people singing along to everything.

How was the experience overall playing at the Isle of Wright festival?

We ended up getting there two hours before we played so it felt like a bit of a day trip getting on the ferry and all that. It’s always nice to play those gigs as there will always be people in the crowd who might not know who you are so you have to work that extra bit harder to win them round!

If you had to get a quote tattooed to remind you of your musical journey or life in general, what would that be and why?

Well, Micky and Dom both have Life in Film tattoos, well actually Dom has a Life In Film tattoo as Micky’s actually says ‘Life in Filn’ but we don’t like to talk about that. Sam often teeters on the edge of getting one but I bring him back to his senses by showing him Micky’s ‘Life In Filn’ tattoo.

If your 15 year old self could see you right now, what do you think he would say?

If I give you the money, could you buy me two strong ciders and a ten box?

After your uni course, you guys moved to London where the band was formed. During uni, what were your ideas for after your course?

To move back to London and form a band.

what is one thing you grew up doing/had that you feel kids these days are missing out? 

Playing snake on my Nokia 3310, I put a lot of man hours into that game and I just don’t think kids today have that drive

Advice that was given to you that can be used as guidance, either for the band or personally.

An ex-girlfriend once told me to stop being a massive pussy, I think that can sometimes still apply.

You previously said was that you all encourage one another to stay hydrated before the shows. What is something else you wished someone would remind you to do in general?

Hydration is a very important part of being in Life in Film, and sometimes we get confused about which is more important, writing songs or constantly refreshing each other’s glasses (we’ve wasted a lot of rehearsal time over this problem). My girlfriend did recently tell me to get a proper job, but I wished she’d stop saying that.

Growing up, you said the whole band relates to The Smiths. What was it about them in particular that inspired Life in Film?

Marr and Morrissey’s shared love of bottled spring water.

What musicians do you feel you can relate to currently?

The band Cheerleader who we were on tour with, we’ve got a joint Life in Film/Cheerleader WhatsApp group so we never feel too far away from our American brothers. Me and the drummer Carl have a snapchat conversation going on but that’s just between me and Carl.

What are your 3 top tips to get you through a challenging yet rewarding industry of music?

Always say ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘we agree’, makes for a smoother ride!

What are your short term/long term goals for the band or you individually? 

Cut down on our water intake and concentrate on writing more songs


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