The One Hundred Reveal ‘Unleashed’ Music Video

Photo credit- A D Zyne

Having recently come off tour supporting Eskimo Callboy,hiting the main cities in the UK, The One Hundred are back with new music for us all and it’s great music to say the least. Next up for the music video archive is in support of their track ‘Unleashed’, taken from the band’s debut EP Subculture. Check out the video below and let us/the band know what you think!

Additionally, in an interview with SubTV, Jacob and Phil sat down with Ivan Berry where they spoke about new music, playing warped tour, their 21st birthday, Michael Bolton and more! In terms of new music, the band stated that ‘nine tracks are recorded, two tracks to come in’. They are excited to release new material and we are very much stocked to hear it! As they said, “Imagine Stray From The Path, meets Wiz Khalifa mixed by Slipknot, with a little dab of Chris Brown”. Check out the full interview below.

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