Throwback // Preview – PVRIS: Birmingham, O2 Academy 3

All photos featured: Sam San Roman Photo

Be some of the first in the UK to join PVRIS on their first ever headline UK tour as they show us what they are all about .

Narrowly missing stepping on the damp and the cold grounds of the UK for the very first time, Alex Babinski, Lynn Gunn and Brian Macdonald who make up PVRIS are set to headline the O2 Academy 3 on the 18th of April, holding a capacity of 250. Joining them will be Twin Wild and Birmingham alt rockers Light You Up.

Hailing from the sunny side of Massachusetts, Birmingham are sure to give them a long awaited welcome as tickets were sold out quick as we all witnessed the fall of Madonna on the Brit Awards! “It’s insane. We were not expecting that at all,” says Lynn on the sold out shows. With this being their first time overseas, it was more than the band had expected. “I’ve always wanted to visit and experience it so I’m sure it’ll be awesome.” Sounds like there are a lot of bars set which we need to keep held high for anyone to witness what we bring as a country.

With the extensive run of shows supporting Lower than Atlantis, headline tour and festival shows across Europe, PVRIS will be experiencing it all in just a short space of time since the release of their debut album ‘White Noise’.
Their first few videos for their singles ‘St Patrick’ and ‘My House’ have gained over 1 million views within 6-9 months. These tracks will be included on their set list. “We didn’t think it would happen this quickly,” Lynn admits. “We’re super proud of the songs we made but we weren’t sure how other people would take to it.” That’s understandable in any situation, but luck was on their side as the feedback has been positive for the band and the album overall. With this record though, we finally have the assurance to know that we can make it work.”

Wondered what inspires the whole black and white concept for their music videos? Or just their songs in general? Here’s Lynn to elaborate more on that. “I’m always really inspired by dark things and the supernatural for some reason,” clarifies Lynn. “Ghosts, paranormal stuff, death, anger, sadness.” “A lot of that record, I wrote when I was having a really bad time mentally.”


Whichever way we look at these influence, if writing records that people can relate to means that Brian, Alex and Lynn are heading in the right direction. Along with this, the word ‘role model’ is thrown around loosely these days but this is one title that Lynn tries not to think about.

“The main thing is just to be a good person and lead by example, I guess. I feel like I’ve always tried to do that,” says Lynn. “If someone wants to take something from our music, that’s what matters to us.”
Having such a busy schedule in terms of writing new material and touring, what more can they fit in now? “Not to get ahead of ourselves, but we want to be one of the biggest bands ever. We’re not going to stop working until we achieve that, you only get one life,” simple, yet truthful guidance from Lynn. “No one wants to live small.”


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