Chasing Cadence Set To Play Acoustic Shows At 2016 TNA UK Tour

The TNA’s Maximum Impact 8 Tour is one of the highlighy anticipated tours of next year! Adding to what is set to be shows now to be missed, one of Britian’s rising bands, hailing from Hertfordshire, UK, Chasing Cadence have been added to the bill.

The band have been featured on publication including the BBC, Daily Mirror and Kerrang!. They are to play acoustic sets for their fans beforoe the January tour in 2016. The tour kicks off in Manchester (Jan 29th), London (Jan 30th) and commences in Birmingham (Jan 31st). Tickets for the shows can be found here and here.

This is what frontman Jack Harris has to say on the upcoming show- ”

“Growing up, I either wanted to be either a singer or a wrestler – and I speak for the whole band when I say these shows will combine both our boyhood dreams. We’ll be playing in the foyer area before each event, to greet fans coming in to the arenas and get them ready for what will be a truly memorable night of wrestling action. “Rock music and wrestling are a perfect combination – and we hope to see all our current fans at the shows, as well as winning over some new ones.”

TNA UK Tour Poster.jpg


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