5 Musician’s Fashion Labels You Need To Know

Being the new year and all, I was having a look back at some of the pieces I had written over the months and picking some of my favourites to post about on here. Not to say that I will not write more features, but I felt like I needed to bring this one back in particualr as I enjoyed writing this very much. So here is ‘Five Musician’s Fashion Labels You Need To Know’ (written for NUBI Magazine).

Article: http://www.nubimagazine.com/5-clothing-labels-run-musicians-need-know/

Featured labels: Drop Dead, Down But Not Out, Cheer Up Clothing, Antique and Glamour Kills.

Music and fashion do seem to be the perfect collaboration when it comes to showcasing a passion without deeming them separate from one another. During every season, there is a new trend that makes it into mainstream society which never goes unmissed. Just like everything, we take what inspires us and sometimes put our own unique twist on it. This allows for more creativity and expression. The same goes for music. We don’t want to hear the same album twice, no matter how much we claim it to be ‘the best’.

Over the years, there has been a growth in the number of musicians launching clothing brands. Somemore ‘successful’ than others, but success is a hard thing to measure. As long as it is received by the audience positively, these labels can continue to produce new items and leave a mark on both the music and fashion industry. Chosen below are five clothing labels that have made a mark in the Rock Music Scene.

1. Cheer Up Clothing

With Cheer Up Clothing, you cannot go wrong. As simple as the designs may look, that’s what gives this label its own unique selling point. The logo (milkshake) is a statement within itself. For every season, they have you sorted! Matt Barnes (You Me at Six) and Ed Thomas (Twin Wild) kick-started Cheer Up back in 2007 and eight years on, still going strong. As well as providing the ‘effortless style’ which is perfect, also available are other items including A3 prints, phone cases and mugs. Those days where you aren’t up to making too much of an effort, Cheer Up have got your back – just throw on a one of their premium basics + skinny jeans and you’re practically all good to go.

Personal favourites: Black Rolled Up Sleeve T-shirt, Night Bulb A3 Print and Black Milkshake Tag Mittens

2. Glamour Kills


10 years in the making, bringing together a community of musicians and other creative minds is Glamour Kills. With sponsoring various tours and supporting bands such as PVRIS, We Are The in Crowd and Set It Off through the brand, there is no better way than to incorporate the support than by producing clothing pieces that reflect the community- exciting and always changing. GK’s mission is ‘To keep YOU looking fresh till death!!’ which is a positive prospect but we’ll take it without death if that’s alright- for now!

With having recently launched a European/UK site, the cost of shipping is no longer a problem! The price we pay for looking ‘fresh’ is within reach. Some musicians representing GK are Tay Jardine, Jenna McDougall and Alex Gaskarth to name a few. Categories on the site range from tops, outerwear through to dresses and Swimwear.

Personal favourites: Pushing Daisies Dress, Floral Tay Bomber and Stay Weird Muscle Tee.

3. Drop Dead Clothing


Founded in 2005 by Oli Sykes, Drop Dead Clothing has continued to reach the audiences, bringing us high-quality products with recent collaborations being The Simpsons and Gremlins. Bringing in classic pop culture, a casual style and a variety of designs allows for DD to push further for the future. Items range from tops, outerwear through to accessories, which pretty much have your wardrobe sorted. What more do you need than Drop Dead items? There is pretty much something for everyone, as the incorporation of art and messages is something we can all relate to. Plus, who doesn’t like the Simpsons?! Looking forward to seeing what this label has in store for the future.

Personal Favourites: Deadheads Tank (Cream) , Majic Dress and New Patch Beanie

4. Antique


With the name Antique being used in the context of having limited pieces at the start of the label, connecting with their fans on a personal level is one thing this label have sorted. Launching in 2010, friends Henri Pickersgill and Max Helyer (You me at six) have contributed to fashion with the fusion of the Egyptian theme that has consistently run through to their latest collections including hieroglyphics, representing what Antique is all about.

The line brings us elaborate designs, through to simple graphic logo tank tops. There is nothing to lose with a purchase from the newest range as it provides you with what you need. Can’t go wrong with the portrayal of the Egyptian culture transferred onto clothing. Along with this, items such as limited edition homemade bracelets, beanies and crew neck jumpers are also part of the range.

Personal favourites: Scarab T-Shirt (Forest Green), Limited Edition Handmade Onyx Bracelet and Hiero Beanie (Green)

5. Down But Not Out


‘Life is Good’ and Vibes are just some of the slogans that DBNO clothing emits to through their products. Brought to us 5 years ago by Josh Franceschi (You Me At Six), ‘Down But Not Out’ was Josh’s life motto, that transpired through to his clothing line. Incorporating the logo onto essential clothing items like the classic denim jacket and jumpers, anything from their latest to classic line fulfils our needs of having to search through numerous clothing sites. DBNO has it all! Vibrant, appealing and casual.

Not knowing what to pair with a certain item can be the worst, especially if it is something you want to wear quite a bit. Where would we be clothing wise without the colours of black, white and grey. Struggling with outfit choices, that’s what. With wardrobe must-haves from every collection, DBNO have taken that stress off of your hands – thank you.

Personal favourites: Mystic Black Denim Jacket, Black Seeing Eye Hoody and The black moth/butterfly tee shirt.


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