My Week At Kerrang Magazine

My placement at Kerrang Magazine is over. You know when you’ve waited so long for something to arrive and then when it comes, it seems like it’s over in a second. That’s how this feels. But I am grateful for what I got to experience. I’ll share with you guys my week doing a work placement at Kerrang Magazine. It feels so weird writing this as I never actually thought it would happen. But it is a new year and I am hoping for things equally as exciting to happen.

Prior to the start of my placement.

As I am not originally from London, finding my way to where my placement was was the only thing I was worried about. So instead of dreading and being late on my first day, I arrived in london on the 2nd of January. Staying with family made it so much easier and as I’m the worst with directions, this eased the nerves a lot.

The 3rd of Januray was the day in which I was shown the route in which I would be taking on the monday and the rest of the week. This required concentration, as I said me and directions do not mix. Surprisingly, when I reached where the placement was held, I was shocked as it did not seem to bad of a journey. Basically getting off the tube at Leicster Square requires around a 5 minute walk from the station to Endeavour House, where Kerrang’s office is located.

Day 1.

Monday 4th January- Like anyone’s first day, you want to make a good impression. So I made my way there, with around 20 minutes to spare. As it was my first day, I had to make my way to reception (on the first floor, using the stairs). Waited for the sub editor of the site, Emily, to collect me and a few other people from the reception. An introduction to the K! team and started working on the set tasks that every Kerrang work experience intern were given. The first task was to fill out a questionnaire about music and Kerrang. After this, the second task of the day was to write 2 album reviews- one of the last album that I brought and my favourite album. With every task, you recieve feeback from each section editor within the magazine.

Day 2.

Tuesday 5th January- Got in at 10am to start the day. The first task I was given was by Emily was mailing out magazines to PR companies ect. It was a long job, but I actually enjoyed it. This consisted of putting 2 issues into envelopes and sticking the addresses on them, ready to be posted. Looking through the names of who they would reach, I saw like ‘I know them!’, due to the contacts I made from previous placements. I said this in my head of course.

There was another task for me to get on with after mailing out, which was to write a news story in an engaging way, like the way Kerrang present their news in their magazine or for their site. As it was the beginning of the year, there were not many press releases being sent out from artist’s PRs, so I was given the chance to find news that I thought was appropriate to center the piece on. I wrote about Twenty One Pilots’ single ‘Stressed Out’ reaching top 10 in the Billboard hot 100. Personally, this piece didn’t take too long to write as I am used to writing news for sites, but it was different tailoring the style of the news story in the way of Kerrang’s editorial content. Different in a good way. After the task, if anyone in the team needed anything doing, whether it was small or big, they would come to me to complete said task. It was just another way of getting to know the team a little better.

Day 3.

Wednesday 6th January- Prior to this day, feature’s editor Nick conducted an interview with Sum 41’s Deryk Whibley for the upcoming issue, which needed transcribing. This was the task I was given. I was actually quite excited to do this as it meant hearing everything before it would hit the shelves and finding out information that I didn’t already know. I was also used to transcribing interviews from previous experience, but I wasn’t ready for the amount of times I had to start, replay, skip or go back the audio in order to type out the Q&A. I’m not too sure as to how long this took but it was good to be a part of the production process for the magazine. Me writing out the interview meant that I was the one other team members were waiting on to continue with the next step of the magazine. It’s always nice to feel a part of the team you know. The rest of the day consisted of laughter, jokes, the analysis of the TV show ‘Making a Murderer’ and the start of the next task- planning a feature idea that would be suitable for the magazine.

Day 4.

Thursday 7th January- As it was nearing the end of my placement, with just a day to go, the majority consisted of continuing with the set Kerrang task I was set on wednesday and also helping out other members of the team with certain jobs. From yesterday, I continued with the feature idea that would be suitable for the magazine. The tasks set throughout the placement constitutes as a way of experience, learning to write in the style of the magazine and to produce engaging pieces that could potentially make it one day into the pages. After completing the features task, the final piece that was to come was to produce a feature list which would be suitable for the website. So something along the lines of ‘top 10…’ . I did this about ‘Ten Bands To See Live In 2016’ and ‘9 British Bands To Look Out For This Year’.

Day 5.

Friday 8th January- It’s so weird how you look forward to something so much, but then it seems like it is over in a second. Friday was the final day of being at the Kerrang office. As soon as I got in, I got on with the final task- the feature list. During this, I was asked to go down to the mailing room to collect some packages. I was surprised I actually remembered where that was as I am the worst with directions, but the place is quite simple to navitage around after a few days getting used to it. Ryan (production editor) then asked me to go through the magazine archives and pull up the magazine issues that he had written down for me. As all the magazines are organised in issue order, this was quite simple; apart from the ones that were not on the shelves. I was then rooing through boxes to look for the remaining issues, of which I did find. Back to the features list again.

The second part of this was to come up with a features list of something that was not specifically related to a certain band or artist, but musically suited for Kerrang. I chose to write about ’10 bands who acoustically revamped their singles’ and a little meeting with Nick, to discuss my reviews I produced at the start of the week. Let’s just say, he enjoyed them very much and was pleased.  This took me until 5. Knowing I was set to make my way home, before this, I had in my bag a card and a box of chocolates to give to the team, just to say thank you for the week and all that.


They were totally appreciative and even gave me a round of applause as I was leaving. The Kerrang team are super nice people. Yes I was only there for a week, but for me, that seemed long enough to get to find out people’s personalities and what they were about. The office is just a relaxing place and so casual too- with magazines and posters everywhere and music playing all day, everyday.

So that was my week at Kerrang Magazine! Never thought I would be writing this, but I am. Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this and if there is anything else you would like to know, then feel free to get in touch!

One thing, I forgot to mention was I applied for this placement through the site GoThinkBig, who host a variety of placements opportunities.





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