No One Does It Better Than You Me At Six

Photos by Fairclough Photo and Ben Gibson.

You Me At Six may be too young to feel this old. They’ve reached an applause worthy moment in their career- 10 years as a band. Having played a large host of venues around the world, experienced the hysterics of their dedicated fans and been awarded a Kerrang award last year for ‘Best British Band’; Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Matt Barnes, Chris Miller and Dan Flint have experienced more than they had ever hoped for.


The anniversary marks all of what YMAS have achieved over the 10 years. 10 years that they can look back on and truly say they are proud of. Through a series of social media posts, the guys took to Twitter and Instagram to show their appreciation to everyone who had and continue to support them throughout their career.

Here’s what singer Josh Franceschi and guitarist Max Helyer had to say: Not many bands make it to ten years, not many are fortunate enough to have a fan base that supports them and grows with them. We appreciate your love and support. We appreciate those who spread the word about the band. Never thought we’d where we are now. We couldn’t have done it without you.” @joshmeatsix- October 5th 2015.

“Today marks 10 years of @youmeatsixofficial gigs, it’s been a mad trip and one I will never forget. Thank you to the fans for actually letting us live our dreams, we would not be here without you. #youmeatsix10years maxhellyeah90 on Instagram.

Culminating singles/albums slowly but surely, YMAS’ fan base began to grow and they are set for success. Kicking off their career with debut album, Take off Your Colours,a taster of what was to come; anthemic crowd pleasers including ‘Save It For The Bedroom’, ‘Kiss And Tell’ and ‘Take Off Your Colours’.

“TOYC will always be a part of what we’ve done,” mentions Josh in an interview with Kerrang Magazine (Issue 1589, October 10th 2015). “If you look back, you won’t move forward”. This is what YMAS did when it came to their albums Hold Me Down (2010) and Sinners Never Sleep (2011).

This pushed the band into a new sonic territory, where they were able to bring in elements that may have been missing from their debut, building on its foundations both in studio and on stage. The latest in the album collection, Cavalier Youth, saw the band land the number one spot and best single at the Kerrang! Awards with Fresh Start Fever. The album also saw the boys take higher slots on festival bills, another landmark achievement in their career. The band’s next goal is Wembley.

Along with hanging out with magician, Dynamo and playing at the Dr. Marten book launch show at the new Dr, Marten store in London, 2015 saw the initial beginnings of new material as Josh mentioned in a tweet reading

“As I type this, we are locked away and being creative doing what we do. Hold tight. The time is near.” (@joshmeatsix- October 5th).

You Me At Six, London, August 19 // Photo credit: Ben Gibson

We are nothing but excited for the prospect of the new album, and if the last four are anything to go by, then You Me At Six are already onto a winner! Though the band don’t think they’ve reached their peak, “We haven’t written that masterpiece yet”, says guitarist Chris Miller. With new music underway, we can only hope this will provide us with just that!

Masterpiece or not, You Me At Six are four albums in, with the fifth on its way, have a sizeable collection of awards under their belts and are secure in the knowledge that will always be a part of British rock scene. Their fans have understandably found something special to take away from these guys and their musical ability. Here’s to another 10 years! “…you don’t choose your fans – they choose you.”

You Me At Six: Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube


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