What is ‘The State Magazine’?

The concept of ‘The State’ Magazine revolves around gaining insight into the lives of creative individuals within the music industry. Setting this apart from other music magazines, what we do is gather the information and suggestions from our audience and use it to fulfil aspects of the magazine that they would like to read about. From music journalists, photographers, through to YouTube content creators, The State Magazine have all this in their first issue.

What ‘The State’ offers to the public is the advice and experiences from industry experts, aimed to give people who are heading into college and university an idea of what they may need to do, depending on what career they want to go into. This is not to say anyone else who is interested in working in the music industry would not be able to read this. It is also about staring to grab experiences and opportunities at an early age and commit to your own passion to work towards your goals.

The name ‘State’, represents the idea of being able to specify a certain career and to provide readers with the information to give them clarification on potential career possibilities. What the interviews and features in the magazine entails does not tell the reader to pursue this career by force, but ‘states’ the steps and their experiences it took for them to get to where they are.


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