Mini Review: Don Broco- ‘Automatic’

All work and no play? That’s not quite the case for Don Broco when it came to their latest album ‘Automatic’.

Stuck in Bedford or off to Spain? Spain it is! This is where the guys recorded the album and it definitely shows. It seems as though their ‘priorities’ lie within producing a “classic album that people listen to in 50 years”. ‘Superlove’ states the perfect symbiotic relationship between the vocals of Frontman Rob Damiani and drummer Tom Doyle. ‘What You Do To Me’ initially projects a sense of the influence Spain had on the record with the use of an acoustic guitar and light vocals, prior to the chorus. ‘Nerve’- The realisation of all that went on. ‘I guess I hoped you didn’t know’. What happens in Spain definitely did not stay there as ‘Automatic’ has it written all over it. A true representation of Broco. Fun.


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