An Interview With Something You Whisper

Something You Whisper are showing they have what it takes to become an iconic band in the post-hardcore scene. With a strong Canadian tour history, impressive new singles, and a dedicated fan base, SYW seem destined for the next step. SYW took the time to discuss future plans, playing Warped Tour, what they have learnt as a band, future plans and much more.

How did the band form?

Wes Will: We all met at school, or at shows. Pretty much the classic story of most bands.

What were your first impressions of each other?

Wes Will: I (Wes) still remember meeting Kyle Adshade for the first time. I was playing my acoustic guitar, and he walks into our jam space wearing his Trivium shirt, and holding a guitar, that looked more like a weapon I would take into battle….Austin tells me that he though I hated him for the longest time, but I told him, he only thought that because he was an idiot. We are all good friends. Not the kind that get along all the time, but the kind that can work through anything in the end.

What’s the music scene like in Canada?

Wes Will: It’s interesting. It definitely made us have to work for every bit of success we have. With show markets so few and far between, bands have to make the most out of every show they play. The scene is fantastic for weeding out bands that aren’t taking things seriously though…It’s just unfortunate that musicians that are in high school still, and not tour ready, have a harder time finding shows to play, since to me at least. It feels like touring is do or die, here in the North side. On every Canadian wide tour we do, there is always a few times we leave after a show to kill a 15 hour drive to make it to our next venue. It’s a grind.

Your cover of ‘Really Don’t Care’ by Demi Lovato ft Cher Lloyd has received such positive feedback. How did the decision of covering this song in particular come into play?

Wes Will: We have taken things so seriously for a year straight. Making sure every decision made sense, and was the right business move…but we wanted to record something that was different. With lyric changes to fit our style better, we delivered a fun cover to our fans, and I think it was a refreshing dose of music that showed our personalities on a different level.

How has the reaction been so far about the new EP ‘From the Other Side’?

Wes Will: It’s been very satisfying to see reactions to the EP. We worked with The Catalyst Publicity Group, who helped us out a ton, and being coached by management helped a lot too. There is so much to learn being in a band, and we are all ears. We followed Warped Tour to promote the EP, and with the help of generous fans, we blew our goals out of the water. We sold more copies than we imagined in only 8 days. Our fans, or, “SYW CREW” as we call it, connected with the EP more than our past efforts, and it gave us a better idea of what they want to hear in the near future.

In order to plan for the future, sometimes it is best to set goals in order to get a clear idea as to what you hope to achieve. As a band, what are your top 3 goals you hope to accomplish?

Wes Will: Yeah, goals are super important to keep the team motivated. We have the obvious goals, such as growing our SYW CREW, pushing our numbers in every aspect, writing/recording as much as possible, and working with new people. I know these are vague, but you get the idea. Growing SYW into a self-sustaining band. One goal that stands out to me is making it a priority to connect with our fans, and keep those connections going. I want everyone to know they can talk to us, because we want to talk to you too!

If each one of you had to have an album artwork tattooed which reminded you of your time at high school, what would that album cover be and why?

Wes Will: Oh man…I would probably have Silverstein’s “When Broken Is Easily Fixed”

For anyone who hasn’t heard of Something You Whisper, what song off the EP would you recommend to give an initial first impression of your sound?

Wes Will: I’d throw on “Anti-Conscience” It has everything. I also see the songs we are currently recording in studio, building off that sound.

In 2012, you guys shared the stage with the likes of Set It Off, Sleeping with Sirens and The Word Alive. On the road, what is one thing in particular that you have learnt as a band that can be applied to future tours of general situations?

Wes Will: We learn so much from touring with bigger bands. Every band should pay attention to the headliners. Even the day to day things that can make life so much easier on the road. For us, there are countless things we have learned. From what and what not to bring on tour, to… how to party harder than anyone else.

What do you believe separates Warped Tour from other music festivals as SYW were fortunate enough to play at your local Warped tour date in summer 2012?

Wes Will: Festivals can be amazing, I love them. The reason I think Warped Tour has done so well in comparison to any other touring festival, is the way it’s marketed. To anyone who frequents Warped, it’s an obvious event that they will be at every summer. It’s an escape from the world when you are in warped tour, because it feels like everyone there is family. Simple as that. I’ve been to over 20 warped dates, and they are all full of accepting people who are there to have fun. Other festivals don’t seem to have that highlighted idea of acceptance and “a way of life” feel like warped tour has created.

How was it working with Brent Allen & Devin Oliver from I See Stars for the single ‘Who I’ve Become’?

Wes Will: It was interesting. Working with artist who you’ve looked up to for years was an awesome experience. They taught us things that we bring up and think about every time we write or are in studio recording.

As a band or individually, what would you say has been a highlight so far as a band?

Wes Will: Personally, one of the coolest things was one time on the East Coast, we played a show, and I was feeling super sick, we were half way through a 4 month long tour, and feeling exhausted. After set up was done, someone told us that a kid had taken a 6 hour long ferry ride, to come see us play. I swear I’ve never played harder than that show. A perfect example of how we can feed off the crowd’s energy.

Do you feel the music you all grew up listening to has played a part in the band, in terms of your song writing and live performances?

Wes Will: Yes, of course. We all came from different musical back grounds, and especially as we grow as a band, you can see our personal styles show through, giving us that SYW sound.

What were your concert experiences like growing up?

Wes Will: I remember going to this local festival called Rock The Mill in Cambridge Ontario, where I lived. I saw bands like Cancer Bats and DWW, and thinking how I wanted to do that someday. And now I do.

Plans for the rest of 2014?

Wes Will: We have some tours in the works, and lots of recording! Keep up to date with everything on our social media pages!

For anyone who wants to find out more about Something You Whisper, where can they go?

Wes Will: We are all on Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Facebook, and Twitter. Feel more than free to add us, and send us messages on any type of social media you want! We are always excited to spend some time talking with new people. We all have personal accounts too, not just the band. So if you want to get to know us more, I guess we will be talking online soon!


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