Team Gigi

It’s hard to believe, but there is something known as ‘personal space’. Whether someone is known in the public eye or not, they are entitled to space, equality and for someone to not disrespect them as a person. The principles are the same no matter who you are- whether you are Beyonce, Harry Styles, an assistant in Asda or a student, if someone does or attempts to do something to you that makes you feel uncomfortable, a reaction is understandable. Do what you feel is necessary.

As she walked out with her sister, Bella, Giga took a number of photos with fans, before behind unknowingly picked up by a stranger- maybe a fan, but this still does not excuse his behaviour. What Gigi did was elbow the guy in the face! If I was Gigi, I’d probably do the same.

Highly doubt that that guy would have tried it if this was a male celebrity, model or someone in the public eye. Gigi is amazing at what she does and the way she reacted is 100% understandable. What else was she supposed to do? Stand there and just accept it?

#GigiHadid defended herself after the man grabbed her 😦

A video posted by Hadid News (@hadidnews) on Sep 22, 2016 at 5:09am PDT



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