Mini Review (Live): Dead! x Birmingham

Is this how they’ll remember you? With the way these guys take to the stage, there is no doubt about it that every show will be unforgettable for both band and their fans.

Supporting fort hope on their headline UK tour was Southampton band Dead!, gracing Birmingham’s music venue, The Rainbow with tracks including ‘We Are Dead’ and ‘Alaska’, taken from their album Tu Me Manques, bringing a performance of exceptional ease, enthusiasm and admiration. This left us wanting more- also wondering where lead singer Alex Mountford went after doing a disappearing act nearing the end of the track, ‘Phantom’.

What this band did was bring in a variety of influences, both on stage and lyrically, giving the nostalgic feeling of bands we used to listen to growing up- Taking Back Sunday and MCR included.

With these guys, in terms of musical content and live shows, you’ve got a mixture between the feelings of ‘let’s dance guys, this is fun!’ to “let’s tear this place up”. And that suits us just fine.


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